Newfield School, Liverpool

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Newfield School approached Sunshine Gym in February to create an outdoor gym facility. The goal was to provide a space where students and teachers could engage in physical activity and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The school was working on a tight deadline and required the outdoor equipment to be installed quickly. Responding to this, we conducted a site visit within a day, assessing the available space and understanding the school's specific requirements. As we have Site Managers located strategically located across the UK, we are able to respond promptly to site requests.

After careful consideration, a customised outdoor gym layout was designed, considering safety, durability, and user-friendliness. The school finalised their order within the same week.

The equipment was installed on grass matting, a safety surface that will, over time, encourage the grass to grow through and be mowed, allowing it to blend with the natural surroundings.

Recognising the importance of proper usage and supervision of the outdoor gym equipment, Sunshine Gym also organised a teacher training session. The training covered equipment orientation and safety guidelines, with the teachers even having a go at the new equipment! The aim was to empower the teachers to encourage students to make the most of their new outdoor gym.

After completing the outdoor gym project, the school reported that it had become a popular spot during break times and that students were more enthusiastic about adding exercise to their daily routines.

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