William Hildyard CofE Primary School

William Hildyard CofE Primary School
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William Hildyard CofE Primary School

William Hildyard C of E Primary School required an outdoor fitness area for their school playground.

Headteacher Fiona Griffiths wanted the equipment to be used during PE lessons and also to encourage pupils to exercise during their breaks and lunch times.

A site meeting was carried out before work could begin to choose the best area for the equipment to be installed. Equipment positions were then marked out taking into account safety zones. All holes were dug precisely using a post boring machine. Next, ground anchors were concreted into position and left to harden. The equipment was then bolted down into place. Grass matting with ground stabilizing substrate was installed around the equipment, this allows for the grass to grow creating a natural looking environment, whilst also providing optimal impact absorbency. A final clean and inspection was then made before handing over to William Hildyard C of E Primary School and allowing use by the pupils.

A range of equipment were installed including both single and multiple user pieces of outdoor fitness equipment.

This range of equipment allows children to improve both their fitness and develop friendships all whilst providing a full body cardiovascular workout.

This great piece of outdoor fitness equipment gets the resistance from the child’s weight but can be reduced by simply placing the feet on the floor. This means that children can set both their own pace and resistance.

The Headteacher, Fiona Griffiths, of William Hildyard C of E Primary School was very impressed with the service that Sunshine Gym provided. This resulted in her booking another installation for her other school, St Georges C of E Primary School.

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