Wychbold Recreation Ground, Droitwich

Wychbold Recreation Ground, Droitwich
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Wychbold Recreation Ground, Droitwich

This project saw Sunshine Gym install five pieces of multi-user equipment, meaning that up to ten people can use the gym independently, t the same time.

The outdoor gym has a mixture of both strength building and cardio outdoor gym equipment. This therefore allows gym users to engage in a full body extensive workout, which will help to both build muscle and burn calories!

Our adult outdoor fitness equipment is designed with safety in mind, and for the use of those above 140cm in height.

Our strength building equipment range has no loose weights, and resistance is created by utilising the users own body weight.

This makes it perfect for users of all abilities!

All of our specially designed outdoor gym equipment pieces have independent working parts, meaning that gym goers can set their own pace, even when working out with a friend.

The multi-user outdoor gym equipment installed in this brand new outdoor fitness area includes:

The new outdoor fitness area was placed in a public space in Wychbold, allowing the public free use of our outdoor fitness facilities, making them perfect for use by everyone.

“It is great for me as a new mother as I can bring my baby with me, something I would be unable to do at a conventional gym.”

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