Sunshine Gym Brochure: Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Our full-size outdoor fitness equipment allows adults to improve their health and fitness all whilst having fun. This brochure includes our full range of adult fitness equipment which is suitable for users above 1.4m in height. The brochure also covers: the importance of quality by design, Sunshine Gym warranties, an explanation of safety features, case studies highlighting completed projects, “muscle guide” icons to help you pick the best selection of equipment for your needs.

One easy way of bringing parks up to speed with today’s needs is to provide equipment which promotes health and fitness.

Sunshine Gym Brochure: Mini Fitness Brochure 

Delve into the world of outdoor fitness with this snapshot brochure which highlights our equipment.

From Multi-Gyms to Sky Steppers, Packages to Tai Chi - this smaller brochure showcases our products in a sleek and simple way.

This brochure features prdocuts from our children's range, which is suited to children under 1.4m in height.

Sunshine Gym Brochure: Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Our range of outdoor fitness equipment has been designed especially to suit children below 1.4m in height. This brochure includes our outdoor fitness equipment which is suitable for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. You’ll also find more essential information, including: benefits of outdoor fitness equipment for KS1 and KS2 pupils, importance of quality by design, Sunshine Gym warranties, specifically designed primary school packages to help you get started, case Studies highlighting completed projects

Outdoor fitness equipment at schools allows children of various abilities to take part in keeping fit.