Endurance Multi Rig

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BX/SG 8001

Our Endurance Multi Rig is designed for the UK’s elite community who are looking to burn mass energy and build muscle mass with this extreme piece of Outdoor Fitness Equipment. Perfect for those that are already physically fit that are looking to challenge their bodies to the extreme.


Complete with vertical ladder, arced overhead ladder, sit up bench, leg raise station, multi stretch assist, double bar strength slider, single bar strength slider,  chin up handle, chain press, monkey bars, traverse rings, multi steps and workout board, the endurance multi rig is really the ultimate fitness rig to really challenge the elite of the community to become stronger, quicker and healthier. The Sunshine Gym multi rig range is really designed for the sole target audience of those already physically fit and able to challenge them to their extremes and push their abilities to new limits. With so many exercises available on this fantastic piece of equipment, a complete workout can be easily achieved.



  • Muscle building exercises designed for the elite of the community.
  • Perfect for parks and open spaces as a new dimension in outdoor exercise.
  • All in a small footprint given the amount and variation of equipment included.