Aintree Davenhill Primary School, Liverpool.


Sunshine Gym have provided a range of outdoor gym equipment for the pupils at Aintree Davenhill Primary School in Liverpoool.

The outdoor gym equipment allows pupils attending the school access to a full outdoor fitness suite.

The new outdoor fitness area provides pupils with all of the machines needed for a complete full body and mind workout.

The installed equipment was taken from the Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment range, which is suitable for those below 140cm or 4’11”.

In addition to their smaller size, our Children’s Fitness Equipment range excludes strength building equipment, focusing solely on cardiovascular exercises.

This is due to the fact that as a company we believe that fitness for children should be all about the fun, and not about building muscles.

Sunshine Gym provided eight different pieces of outdoor gym equipment, and due to the provision of multi-user equipment, the fitness area itself can be used by 13 individuals.

Multi-user equipment is great for schools and public spaces, as due to its nature it can help to promote social interaction and communication.

The installed multi-user equipment, includes:

Please note that all of our multi-user equipment has independent moving parts, meaning individuals workout independently of one another and at their own pace.

In addition to this, Sunshine Gym also provided a selection of single user equipment.

Single user equipment is great for those who wish to exercise as a solo user.

The single user equipment which was installed includes:

Furthermore, Sunshine Gym’s involvement didn’t just stop there.

Aintree Davenhill Primary School also opted to make use of our FREE PUPIL TRAINING!

Our Free pupil and/or staff training sessions provide expert advice on how to safely use your equipment.

In addition to this, we also give tips and advice on how to embark and disembark, as well as which muscles you will be exercising.

Aintree Pupils Approve!

Our training sessions went down a treat with pupils, who loved learning how to appropriately and safely use their equipment.

For more information in regards to our outdoor training sessions, please follow this link.

Alternatively if you want more information about any of the products listed above contact one of our sales advisors via 01952 580 520.