BIERTON CE COMBINED SCHOOL KS1 & KS2 Children's outdoor fitness equipment training example from Sunshine Gym

project information

A ‘combined’ funding effort for Bierton CE Combined School means KS1 and KS2 have new equipment for play and PE.

This primary school in Aylesbury sourced funding for this project from their own PFA, from a charity grant, and from their Sports Premium Funding.

In addition to great value equipment, Sunshine Gym also offered free training for staff at Bierton CE Combined School. These demonstrations have allowed staff to take their knowledge forward so that they can teach each class how to uses their new playground equipment appropriately.

The installed equipment includes:

You may notice this selection matches our Primary All Stars Package, save for the special addition of a Waist Twister. So what might a Sunshine Gym physical play circuit look like for children at Bierton CE combined school?

Warm up exercises on the Waist Twister.

This station encourages good exercise habits by making flexibility fun! Children simply take hold of the central railing, step onto the platform and twist: practising their balance and warming up their joints.

Stretches are important to anyone taking part in physical activities; that’s why we’re particularly pleased Bierton School recognised this when making their selection.

Cardiovascular exercise on the Sky Stepper.

Here’s one of our most familiar pieces of equipment. Parents who go to the gym will recognise this piece of equipment but this doesn’t mean it’s intended for ‘bulking up’ or anything else unsuitable for growing little ones!

The sole intention of this cross trainer-style unit is for children to enjoy fun movements which contribute to heart health. The Sky Stepper provides this in abundance, also leading to varied, imaginative play.

Social interaction with the Double Health Walker or the Double Slalom Skier.

Both of these units are particularly popular choices for primary schools. That’s because they promote one of the most important elements of school life: working and playing alongside peers.

Another feature of multi-user equipment is that it allows more pupils to take part, whilst taking up less space. That makes these units perfect for PE lessons as several children exercise simultaneously but independently.

Interested in using your school’s funding for a similar project? Know the facts!

You may be aware that there has been some contention as to the intended use of the PE and Sport Premium, with some schools getting penalised for not going far enough to make long-lasting and valuable additions with the funding.

That’s why Sunshine Gym equipment is particularly popular with schools! Rather than a one-off batch of lessons, the installation of fun equipment is a way of encouraging generation after generation of pupils to get active.

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