Escrick CofE Primary School, York


Sunshine Gym’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment for KS1 & KS2 has been used to create a complete outdoor fitness suite for pupils at Escrick CofE Primary School in York.

The installed equipment was taken from the Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment range, making it suitable for those who are 140cm, 4’11” or below in height.

Sunshine Gym supplied four different pieces of equipment, and due to the installation of multi-user equipment the fitness area can be used by up to six different individuals.

Sunshine Gym’s multi-user equipment works with individual moving parts. This therefore allows pupils to workout independently of one another, even when using sociable equipment.

The installed multi-user equipment, includes:

In addition to this equipment, Sunshine Gym also installed the following solo-user equipment:

The pupils at Escrick CofE Primary School are loving having their very own fun fitness area which they can use for both lesson time and play time!

The equipment was installed on a pre-grassed area, and in order to ensure the surface is protected, grass saver matting was installed below each of the equipment pieces.

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