Sunshine Gym have completed a project at St Nicholas CE Primary School in Abingdon.

The project saw us install six different pieces of equipment in a new designated ‘fitness area’ of the playground.

There were six pieces of equipment installed, a selection of these allowed for multiple users. Having these pieces makes the gym accessible to up to ten users at one time. Thus allowing a small group of children to make the most of the equipment either at breaks, or during a P.E. classes.

The multi-user equipment installed includes:

Multi-user equipment is not only great in terms of the physical benefits – but having equipment which can be used by more than one person at a time aids in a multitude of other development areas too.

Working out with friends will help to develop social skills by encouraging interaction. It was also aid in the development of conversational skills too.

Making them the perfect piece for any school playground.

The single user equipment includes:

Each of these pieces of equipment offer a cardiovascular workout for children which is both focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle and having fun.

Seen something that you like? You can create your own outdoor gym area with help from one of our trained advisors.