All equipment is manufactured under ISO9001 for quality standards and management together with ISO14001 Environmental controls. Taking place under strict controls, highly skilled workers use jigs and fixtures to ensure a constant adherence to quality standards.


Sunshine Gym are continually striving to improve our products and to this end ensure that current and new designs are fully tested under laboratory.

Our equipment is subjectected to the most rigourous testing procedures that include testing to destruction on welds and moving parts, load testing, repetitive actions, hardness testing on metal parts, excessive hot and cold environments, UV exposure and salt water spray booths.

All the tests ensure that our product is more up to the task for our weather conditions and heavy use by the general public.



  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality and Management Standard together with ISO14001 Environmental Adherence.
  • By using 3mm steel wall section tubing as a starting point ensures that our equipment is one of the strongest on the market.
  • All tubing is robot welded guaranteeing repeated strength and quality
  • A 3 point paint process that includes Zinc Galvanising inside and out; Zinc Passive Dip Coating; High Quality Powder Coat Finish giving an effective corrosion protection cover.
  • Paint is tested for corrosion in a salt spray cabinet for 3000 hours.
  • All plastic/rubber parts have been tested to the highest standards and put through the most rigourous and gruelling examinations in a purpose built testing facility that exceeds normal operating limits.
  • Sunshine Gym continue to improve and alter designs to keep pace with customer’s needs, prolong longevity and reduce damage caused by instances of vandalism.
  • Equipment conforms to the latest TUV Standards looking forward to the new BS EN 16630 Standard.
  • Sunshine Gym offer a 10 year Structural Guarantree with a 5 Year Guarantee on paint.
  • Moving parts such as bearings have a 2 Years Guarantee.
  • Plastic parts are covered for 1 year and replaced free of charge if not damaged by vandalism.


Correct labelling is an essential part of the equipment that informs the user of the safe and correct use, suggested time or repetitions depending on ability and fitness.

  • All labels are made from stainless steel and remain rust free
  • Clear concise instructions together with pictorial explanation
  • Colour coded ability levels with recommended usage
  • Expected results on the body/muscles
  • Attention/warning advice to help reduce the risk of injury during use
  • Rounded corners
  • Smooth rounded secure rivets to prevent removal.


A final pre-delivery inspection is carried out on each item of outdoor fitness equipment before it is sent out to ensure compliance to customer’s order.


Sunshine Gym reserve the right to change designs from time to time to fit with our ethos of continuous improvement so that some designs shown in our brochure and website might not match exactly the actual item installed or delivered however all efforts will be made to inform the customer should this occur.