Accessible Outdoor Gym Package 2

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Accessible Outdoor Gym Package 2

The Accessible Outdoor Gym Package 2 offers a balanced cardio and strength workout for wheelchair users.

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Up to 7 users can participate in a range of outdoor cardio and strength workouts offered by this inclusive package. Specifically designed for wheelchair users, Accessible Outdoor Gym Package 2 is also beginner-friendly, providing a welcoming experience for new outdoor gym users.

The equipment is initially designed for users over 1.4 metres in height, but it can be partially replaced with children's equipment or fully adjusted for their use.


Quality & Supply:

  • Manufactured from pre-galvanised steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Quality checked by RPII inspector prior to dispatch
  • Supplied with Stainless Steel fixings


Suitable for up to 7 users

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