Outdoor fitness app launched by Sunshine Gym

Outdoor fitness app launched by Sunshine Gym
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There are so many reasons why you should choose to exercise in an outdoor gym – and here’s one more: the Sunshine Gym app.
Designed to act as a pocket PT, the app brings accountability to every workout helping users to record their progress, time their sets and track the calories they are burning.
With a wide range of features, the app holds all the answers to queries such as how to use outdoor gym equipment, how long to work out for and which equipment to choose if focusing on specific muscle groups.  

What features are included in the Sunshine Gym app?

For those who are on their travels or perhaps people who have never tried an outdoor gym before and want to give it a go, our app can direct users to their nearest Sunshine Gym.
Simply tap in a postcode and it will bring up the locations where our outdoor gym equipment has been installed nearby.
We’ve also included a ‘Report a problem’ button where users can flag up issues and potential problems with the equipment in the outdoor gym they are visiting.
This allows us here at Sunshine Gym to propose a solution to the gym owner, with guidance offered on what to do if there is damage or vandalism which puts the equipment out of action.
For users out in the park or their neighbourhood outdoor gym, the app provides step-by-step guidance on everything from how to operate each piece of equipment to workout programmes.
It also features a timer, and calorie counter, and there is a link to take you to our online bank of blogs and articles which explore how to get the most out of every outdoor gym experience.
There’s even a button which lets users connect with us here at Sunshine Gym, with a view to investing in equipment for their own community.

Where can I download the Sunshine Gym app?

The Sunshine Gym app is available in the App Store and Google Play. The Sunshine Gym app is free to download.
It is aimed at developing the skills, knowledge and confidence among all types of outdoor gym user, from beginners to more advanced visitors.

Who can use the Sunshine Gym app?

The Sunshine Gym is available to everyone. Sunshine Gym aims to open up fitness opportunities for people of all abilities and fitness levels, removing barriers such as cost and accessibility by supplying outdoor gym equipment which is free to access once installed.
The launch of the app now also takes away the anxiety some users may feel about going to a gym by providing instructions, advice and encouragement all at the touch of a button.
It’s designed for teachers too, including sports coaches and PE teachers, offering lesson plans and video guides on the safe and correct way to use the outdoor gym equipment.
Packed with useful tips on how to stay in shape, every trip to the outdoor gym can be enhanced with access to Sunshine Gym’s new app.