Outdoor gyms: your questions answered

Outdoor gyms: your questions answered
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Outdoor gyms: your questions answered

At Sunshine Gym, we believe we make fitness engaging and accessible for everybody.
We work with organisations across the UK to create outdoor gyms that encourage social interaction and which challenge everyone from beginners to seasoned fitness lovers.
Taking the step to exercise outdoors can be a daunting one however, as users move away from the safety of the health club or beyond the privacy of the four walls at home.
Here we try and answer some of the most common questions we get asked, to explain the benefits of installing and using a Sunshine Gym.

Are outdoor gyms any good?

Yes! There are lots of benefits to exercising outdoors and incorporating gym equipment into a workout offers plenty of variety.
There’s very little an indoor gym offers that can’t be realised with an outdoor gym. Our teams at Sunshine Gym work extensively with clients to design outdoor gyms which feature the right equipment and layout they need to achieve their aims.
We can create outdoor gyms for a specific audience, such as children, with our range of equipment built in proportion to the average height of primary school pupils.
We can tailor our gyms to an outcome, such as rehabilitation; or install outdoor gyms which complement the location, such as combining equipment for adults and children in areas visited by families.
Sunshine Gym has developed a truly inclusive range of equipment. As well as wheelchair accessible outdoor gym equipment, we have created a number of Multi Gym arrangements to encourage people to work out together and integrate social groups.
And while our fitness zones are built so people can get active for good physical and mental wellbeing, an outdoor gym has other benefits as well.
Once installed, our equipment is free to use removing the cost barriers to exercise. Our fitting and surfacing options can help ensure that even in winter, an outdoor gym stays safe and dry meaning it is accessible all year round.
And being out in the open air means a Sunshine Gym is available at any time of day, creating lots of capacity so as many people as possible can benefit.
A fantastic stress buster, an outdoor gym also keeps people motivated because exercising outside feels less like a chore.

What is the best outdoor gym equipment?

The best outdoor gym equipment keeps users safe, engaged and challenged.
At Sunshine Gym we offer a range of cardiovascular equipment for young and old  and we have a collection of strength building equipment for adults.
We have Multi Gym arrangements that deliver variety in exercise type and intensity and we have also put together a number of package deals which we feel offer the best outdoor gym equipment according to user and location.
Our Double Health Walker, similar to an outdoor treadmill, is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in our range.
Operated by the individual, the health walker can be a part of warm ups and cool downs as well as used to get the heart pumping. It can be incorporated into circuit training or intervals, as well as offering a safe way to build fitness for beginners not used to putting pressure on the joints.
The cross trainer is often the piece of equipment most used in indoor gyms. Our Sky Stepper offers an outdoor alternative, working the upper and lower body at the same time as well as strengthening core muscles.
We’ve put together mini guides as to the outdoor gym equipment we consider to be the best for different environments which you can read in our blog.
We also have an ebook dedicated to supporting buyers in the primary education sector.

Can gym equipment stay outside?

Sunshine Gym equipment is specifically built for the outdoors. As part of the Broxap group of companies, we have many years of experience in developing street furniture, shelters, and outdoor play, sport and fitness equipment that can withstand UK weather extremes.
At Sunshine Gym, both our adult range and KS3 and KS4 range of outdoor fitness equipment meet the BS EN 16630 safety requirements for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment.
Every item in every order is individually inspected and given a water-resistant coating before it is packed and delivered to site.
Our equipment has rubber hand grips which are soft and comfortable whatever the weather. Our moulded seats bring stability and control surface water runoff, and our foot pads and pedals ensure a secure grip.
The higher the usability level, the better return there will be on an outdoor gym investment and at Sunshine Gym we have gone above and beyond to include simple but effective finishes to keep our equipment functional.

Where can I buy exercise equipment online?

Sunshine Gym is based in North Staffordshire where our experienced teams involved in the design, delivery and installation of our equipment all work from.
Our website and brochures showcase everything we offer from individual pieces of kit to package deals.
We have also grouped our equipment in user categories to help buyers find their way through the extensive choice on offer.
Based all under one roof, our teams are available to talk to over the phone or through online chat or email to discuss individual client queries, customer service enquiries or sales support.
The Sunshine Gym website is a brilliant place to start when buying exercise equipment online.

Where can I find outdoor gym equipment near me?

Sunshine Gym works with a wide range of clients. This includes schools, workplaces, healthcare settings, prisons, local authorities, holiday parks and parish and town councils.
We work at locations across the country and have completed a number of public access projects for communities committed to improving the welfare of visitors and residents.
Our Case Studies section highlights how we partner with organisations to deliver a complete outdoor gym experience which meets their objectives.
We also have a Projects Near You page to pinpoint the locations we’ve worked in.

If you are interested in working with Sunshine Gym, or have any other questions you’d like to ask us, get in touch today.

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