Why your outdoor gym needs… a Waist Twister

Why your outdoor gym needs… a Waist Twister
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The Waist Twister can lead to better movement and a better performance when it comes to an outdoor gym workout.
Mobility is also essential for everyday activities, not just dedicated exercise programmes, making the Waist Twister an aid to functional fitness also.

The Waist Twister

The Waist Twister is designed for use by up to three people at the same time.
It consists of a central pillar with handrail for the user to hold on to.
This is surrounded by three turn discs. Users step onto one of the discs and, holding the rail, twist and turn their lower body through the waist and hips.

Why choose the Waist Twister?

Stretching and mobilisation helps to keep muscles and joints flexible, strong and healthy.
Protecting the muscles is important for injury prevention, protecting against pain, strains and muscle damage.
Stretching before and after exercise is also important to avoid the risk of tissue damage. It prepares the body for a workout and allows for gradual recovery post workout.
Mobility exercises in their own right can also be incorporated into a fitness lifestyle as part of strength and conditioning routines.

Who can use the Waist Twister?

The Waist Twister is suited to all users. Sunshine Gym offers a Children’s Waist Twister built for users under 4ft 7ins and a standard Waist Twister.
Experienced outdoor gym users might incorporate the Waist Twister into a warm-up routine or cool-down. It can also form part of a specific mobilisation workout.
Beginners might feel at home using the Waist Twister thanks to its gentle action, increasing the range of their movement as they grow in fitness and confidence.
The low impact nature of the Waist Twister also makes it the ideal piece of equipment to include in outdoor gyms for healthcare settings or supported living accommodation.
Building mobility is important for those returning to exercise after injury as well as those looking to limit the impact of working at a desk all day.

Where can the Waist Twister be installed?

The Waist Twister offers fantastic value with three stations available in a comparatively small footprint. It is ideal for location with awkward or limited spaces as there are no extendable parts.
At Sunshine Gym, the Children’s Waist Twister forms a core part of our packages for primary schools.
It is a fantastic tool for encouraging the least active children to get involved in PE and physical activity and a stepping stone to more advanced outdoor gym workouts.
Its appeal to such a broad range of users means we also recommend the Waist Twister for community settings like parks and recreation grounds, or for buyers who have financed their outdoor gym through grants in order to maximise the funding available to them.

What other benefits come with the Waist Twister?

The design of the Waist Twister means this equipment brings social cohesion to the outdoor gym. All users face each other as they go through the exercise routine, opening up opportunities to chat and motivate each other.