Why your outdoor gym needs an… Arm and Pedal Bicycle

Why your outdoor gym needs an… Arm and Pedal Bicycle
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Why your outdoor gym needs an… Arm and Pedal Bicycle

The exercise bike has forever been a staple of home and commercial gyms.
A familiar favourite, the stationary bike is easily recognisable even to complete beginners and is easy to use. 
At Sunshine Gym we have developed an outdoor version of the stationary bike and we have gone one step further.
As well as the traditional bicycle we offer an Arm & Pedal Bicycle too, providing a more comprehensive, yet still gentle, outdoor workout.

The Arm and Pedal Bicycle

With a comfortable moulded seat, designed to assist with water run-off, the Arm & Pedal Bicycle swaps traditional handlebars for rotating hand grips. Users turn the cranks by pedalling with their arms at the same time as turning the bicycle pedals with their feet.
The twin action means this equipment offers a thorough workout, even for those just starting out on their fitness journey.
The Arm & Pedal Bike works the quad, hamstrings, calves and glutes as well as the back, triceps, biceps, and shoulders.

Why choose an Arm and Pedal Bicycle? 

An Arm & Pedal Bike is a safe choice that will engage even the most reluctant outdoor gym visitor.
With this equipment there is very little barrier to entry-level workouts. If the aim of the outdoor gym provision is to motivate more people to get involved in activity, then including this piece of kit is an important way of opening up opportunities to make exercise part of a regular routine.
Not all workouts are suitable for everyone, but the Arm & Pedal Bike is ideal for people of varying fitness levels and experience.
There is less stress placed on the joints than with other cardiovascular workouts such as running, it’s low impact and the user is in complete control.
But an Arm & Pedal Bike still provides a fantastic energy boost and if used regularly can help to strengthen and tone the body.
For more experienced gym users, it is a great tool for assisting with warm ups or cool downs and it adds variety into tired or boring routines.

Who can use an Arm and Pedal Bicycle?

As well as being easy to use, good for beginners, and bringing diversity to established exercise routines, the Arm & Pedal Bike comes in four different formats.
The standard Arm & Pedal Bike is designed for seniors, adults and young people in the KS3 and above age group.
This size bike is also available in a wheelchair accessible format.
At Sunshine Gym we have a children’s range of outdoor fitness equipment that is built to smaller dimensions, ensuring young people in the KS1 and KS2 age group can exercise safely.
The fourth version of our Arm & Pedal Bicycle is a wheelchair accessible children’s sized bike.
As well as children, adults and wheelchair users, anyone looking to get into exercise from a sedentary lifestyle can use an Arm & Pedal Bike.
It can be part of a rehabilitation regime and is also a key piece of equipment for anyone suffering a lack of confidence when it comes to exercise because this stationary bike has no resistance and is so easy to use.
For those who regularly exercise, it can be utilised for endurance training and building stamina.

Where can the Arm and Pedal Bicycle be installed?

Although it brings results and benefits, it can sometimes be hard to motivate outdoor gym users to invest time in the Arm & Pedal Bike. So installing the equipment in a space with a great view and where users can interact with other visitors is one way to maximise its appeal.
Community locations such as parks, commons and recreation grounds are great locations for the Arm & Pedal Bike because of it’s all-round suitability.
And with the children’s version available, more education settings are installing the equipment as well as day care centres and disability charities and services.

What other benefits come with an Arm and Pedal Bicycle?

The Arm & Pedal Bike is fantastic for convenience. For anybody with just a few minutes spare, it’s a speedy, simple and effective way to fit in a workout.
It’s also a one-stop solution, offering an exercise bike workout for the upper and lower body so it’s very practical.
And with the options available from Sunshine Gym, this piece of kit is accessible to everyone.

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