Why your outdoor gym needs an… Energise Multi Gym

Why your outdoor gym needs an… Energise Multi Gym
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When the aim is to get more people moving, the Energise Multi Gym delivers a cardio blast that perfectly hits the mark.
Not only that, its multiuser design encourages social interaction and includes equipment that is easy to use and injects lots of fun into a workout.
It really is small but mighty when it comes to making an impact in the outdoor gym.

The Energise Multi Gym

The Energise accommodates four users in a single unit, making it perfect for outdoor fitness zones looking to maximise the available space.
It features a Double Health Walker and two Slalom Skiers.
The combination delivers a powerful cardiovascular workout to get the heart pumping and increase blood flow.
The Double Health Walker is similar to an outdoor treadmill, with users stepping onto the footboards, holding the bar in front and swinging their legs in a walking motion.
The Slalom Skier replicates the lateral movement of skiing through the slalom poles on the slopes.
Again, after stepping onto the footboard, users hold the hand grips before moving their lower body side to side from the hips.

Why choose the Energise Multi Gym?

The Energise delivers fantastic value by doubling up on our two most popular pieces of outdoor gym equipment.
Each piece is easy to operate and the individual users can work out at their own speed and pace independent of others.
The Double Health Walker and Double Slalom Skier offer a bodyweight workout, so increasing elements such as time, number of reps, speed and rate of movement can all help to intensify the exercises.
This makes the Energise suitable for a wide range of users including beginners and those looking to advance their workouts.

Who can use the Energise Multi Gym?

At Sunshine Gym we aim to make exercise accessible to everyone so we have created both a Children’s and a standard Adults’ version of the Energise.
The Children’s version is built for users under 4’ 7” tall, designed so they can safely reach the footboards and manoeuvre the equipment.
As well as being suitable for users of all levels, the equipment supports gym users as they complete the exercises. The Double Health Walker for example is much more gentle on the joints than a traditional treadmill as users are not repeatedly striking the ground or over flexing their ankles.
This makes the Energise suitable for those looking to get back into exercise after injury, those starting out from scratch who may be prone to injury or those who have some mobility limitations.
And because the Energise is part of our collection of multi gyms, it is also suitable for group or class workouts.

Where can the Energise Multi Gym be installed?

As one of our smaller multi gyms, the Energise is designed to pack a punch when space is tight.
While the Energise must still be installed with a 1.5 metre safety zone from the furthest extended moving part of the equipment and its surroundings, the multi gym layout takes up less space than the individual pieces of equipment.
The Energise is also a great piece to install in existing gyms that need an equipment boost and it perfectly complements outdoor fitness zones which feature strength building equipment.
Alternatively the Energise can be installed alongside individual pieces of outdoor gym equipment for a good mix of workout options.
As cardiovascular exercise is safe for people to do every day, depending on how hard the user can push themselves, we recommend the Energise for all outdoor gym locations.
This includes schools and workplaces, recreation grounds,  healthcare settings, holiday parks and residential areas.

What other benefits come with the Energise Multi Gym?

The activities that come from the Energise release endorphins which can have anti-anxiety effects.
Exercise is known to help combat stress and is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for positive mental and physical wellbeing.
Combining exercise with being outdoors delivers an even bigger boost, for better moods and better sleep. It can reduce the risk of depression and boost self-esteem.
And because the Energise has four stations for people to work out together, it helps users to connect with each other, make new friends and reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness.

For more information about the Energise or to discuss your outdoor gym aims and goals, get in touch with our friendly team today.