Langdale Primary School

Langdale Primary School
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Langdale Primary School

Sunshine Gym have provided a brand new outdoor fitness area at Langdale Primary School in Newcastle.

The brand new outdoor fitness space has provided the KS1 & KS2 pupils attending Langdale with a new alternative to traditional outdoor PE lessons. Due to the nature of the equipment installed, it is suitable for use by those pupils who are 140cm, 4’11” or below.

The installed equipment consists of six different pieces of equipment which can be used by eight different users simultaneously.

Amongst the installed equipment are two pieces of multi-user equipment. These specially designed pieces operate in a unique way. Allowing for more than one pupil to use the equipment, at the same time, yet also independently of one another.

The equipment is designed this way to allow for social, yet safe workouts, which allow pupils to set their own individual pace.

The multi-user equipment, situated at Langdale includes:

In addition to these two pieces of outdoor gym equipment, Sunshine Gym also installed four single user units too.

Children at Langdale Primary School have loved working out and having fun using their brand new outdoor gym equipment … Especially in this beautiful summer weather.

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