Ramsden Primary School, Worksop

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Outdoor gym equipment is an innovative way to promote physical fitness in schools. Ramsden Primary School installed Sunshine Gym equipment to encourage their students to engage in physical activity during break and lunch times.

The school installed a variety of equipment from our children's range, including a Double Sit Up Bench, Waist Twister, Double Slalom Skier, Horse Rider, Tai Chi Discs, and Energise Outdoor Multi Gym. Our children's equipment has been designed to be safe and suitable for children up to 1.4 metres tall.

Sunshine Gym supplied and installed the equipment for the outdoor gym. The installation process involved a soft-dig excavation, which was then filled with a dyed concrete playground patch. Bark was used to finish the new gym area, helping it blend in with the surrounding bushes and greenery.

The outdoor gym equipment has become a popular destination on the playground. Children are excited to use the equipment and have become more active during the school day.

The gym equipment has also been used as an educational tool. Teachers have added physical activity into their lessons by allowing the children to use the equipment during class time. This has helped to break up long periods of sitting and increase focus in the classroom.

Parents and community members have noticed the equipment and have expressed their support for the school's commitment to promoting physical fitness.

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Worksop, Nottinghamshire

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