Primary School Outdoor Gym Equipment

Sunshine Gym provided a large range of fitness equipment for Balby Central Primary School. The equipment can be used by up to 21 students at a time. This means that an entire PE class would be able to take part in activities using the outdoor fitness area.

Before work could start a site meeting was carried out. This was done  in order to choose the best area for the equipment to be installed. Ground anchors were then concreted into position and left to harden. Next, the equipment was bolted down into place. Grass matting with ground stabilizing substrate was installed around the equipment. This complemented the natural aesthetic whilst still providing optimal impact absorbency. A final clean and inspection was made before handing over to Balby Central Primary School and allowing use by the pupils.

Sunshine Gym installed a Children’s Waist Twister. This piece of equipment targets abdominal muscles and is great for promoting a high impact workout which is full of fun. This piece of outdoor fitness equipment can be used by up to three children. The children face each other whilst using the equipment making it one of the most sociable pieces of equipment that Sunshine Gym make. Having a piece of equipment like this allows children to not only build their fitness skills, it can also encourage significant improvement in both social and communication skills.

Sunshine Gym installed a variety of both strength and cardiovascular equipment. Strength equipment including the Children’s Double Sit Up Bench, Children’s Leg Stretch, Children’s Tai Chi Disks and Children’s Double Strength Challenger, was installed to help promote strong muscles and bones. Equipment such as the Children’s Leg Stretch can also help to improve muscle flexibility and tone.

Other equipment that was installed included the Children’s Double Health Walker, Children’s Horse Rider and Children’s Double Slalom Skier. These pieces of outdoor fitness equipment can be combined to create a full body cardiovascular workout.