Children’s Tai Chi Discs

£540.00 Excl. VAT

The Children’s Tai Chi Discs are easy to use and provide a fun, interactive workout for the arms and shoulders. This makes them ideal for any playground.

Children can move the spinners in either the same or opposing directions, and can start from different points of the circle. Encourage children to take various stances and use one or two hands, exploring different patterns for moving the discs. Here, concentrating on the smooth, circular movements of the spinners replicates the calming nature of children’s outdoor Tai Chi.

What features do the spinners on Children’s Tai Chi Discs offer?

  • Improved co-ordination and mental agility.
  • The opportunity to focus and relax the mind.
  • A versatile set of activities regardless of strength or fitness.
  • Social interaction.
  • Our unique “safety stop” system.