Hillside Primary School, Stoke-on-Trent

Hillside Primary School | Case Study | Children's Outdoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym

project information

Hillside Primary School were looking to enhance the playground experience offered to their KS1 & KS2 pupils. Having already installed Hand Made Places ‘trim trails’, the school wanted to take the next step towards fitness.

Once more, the school turned to Broxap, this time approaching the Sunshine Gym division. After Sunshine Gym visited the school they suggested a series of outdoor fitness equipment designed for children; we also offer full-size apparatus for adults.

The aim here was to build on the core elements of co-ordination, strength and dexterity introduced by the trim trails.

Following delivery to Hillside Primary, Sunshine Gym installed the equipment onto the existing playgrounds during the half term holidays. This meant there was time for each class to participate in information sessions upon their return to school. This involved instruction on the correct use of each piece of equipment. Children also learnt what benefits they would see and could achieve through using the apparatus correctly on a regular basis.

Since this latest addition, there’s now a break time rota including the trim trails, fitness equipment and open traditional play. Significantly, this means they have a different aspect to focus on each day.

Of course, promoting fitness means pupils will be healthier. However studies also show that when pupils are fitter, they are less tired and have more concentration – this leads to better results in class work.

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