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Sunshine Gym have installed a brand new outdoor fitness area at Loddington C of E Primary School in Kettering. 

Sunshine Gym’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment for KS1 & KS2,  has turned a small outdoor space into a full fitness suite.

The equipment installed includes a variety of different cardio equipment which can be both enjoyable and highly beneficial!

Providing fun, yet effective workouts suitable for children. 

The installed equipment includes four different individual pieces, which can hold up to six users at one time.

Due to the age range of the school, the equipment installed came from the Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment range and is suitable for use by those under 140cm or 4’11”.

Out of the four pieces of equipment installed, half were multi-user.

Multi-user equipment is, as expected, suitable for multiple users. However, due to our own personal safety standards, the multi-user parts move entirely independently of one another. Meaning that you can set your own pace even when working out with a friend.

(For more information regarding our other safety features, including our unique safety stop system take a look at our dedicated safety page.)

The multi-user equipment installed includes: 

In addition to this multi-user equipment Sunshine Gym also installed single user equipment too.

Single user equipment is great for solo exercise, and allows users to workout at their own pace without outside pressure.

The single user equipment installed includes: 

Due to the nature of all of the installed equipment children can enjoy a full body, fully structured outdoor workout.

From the warm up through to the intense cardio and cool down too, the physical benefits which pupils at Loddington C of E Primary School will get from this brand new outdoor gym are truly endless!

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