Playground Furniture

Sunshine Gym offers a range of outdoor fitness equipment tailored for schools, seamlessly complemented by our vibrant playground line markings and furniture.

These are designed to transform any school playground into a dynamic learning and fitness hub, fostering an environment that encourages students to relish the outdoors while enhancing their skills.

The synergy of outdoor gym equipment, engaging line markings, and functional furniture creates a comprehensive approach to active learning. Pupils not only enjoy the benefits of physical activity but also immerse themselves in a colourful, interactive space that promotes both development and fun.

It's a holistic solution that promotes a healthy, active, and joyful educational experience.

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  1. Teeny Tots Sloper Seat
    Teeny Tots Sloper Seat
    From £271.00
  2. Sturdy Bench
    Sturdy Bench
    From £241.00
  3. Buddy Bench
    Buddy Bench
    From £399.00
  4. Rainbow Recycled Plastic Picnic Unit
    Rainbow Recycled Plastic Picnic Unit
    From £459.00
  5. Bellshill Junior Picnic Bench
    Bellshill Junior Picnic Bench
    From £650.00
  6. Teeny Tot Recycled Plastic Picnic Bench - Rainbow
    BX71 Teeny Tot Picnic Bench
    From £325.00
  7. Bumble Bee Junior Picnic Bench
    Bumble Bee Junior Picnic Bench
    From £460.00
  8. Alphabet Junior Picnic Bench
    Alphabet Junior Picnic Bench
    From £406.00
  9. Everyone Active Package
    Sprint Tracks
  10. Agility Race Line Markings
    Agility Race Line Markings
  11. Everyone Active Package
    Sunshine Fitness Trail Line Markings
  12. Everyone Active Package
    Fitness Activity Splats Line Markings
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Items 1-12 of 14