Sports Premium Funding

sports premium funding

a guide to using sports premium funding for outdoor fitness equipment

Most UK schools with pupils in key stage 1 and 2 are currently receiving the 2018-19 sports premium funding allocation. Since this is paid for by the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, it is vital to the DfE that these schools use the funding in an appropriate manner. Some of the options for appropriate spend of the sports premium funding include:

  • Introducing new forms of physical activity not currently covered by the curriculum.
  • Starting or expanding sport clubs which are targeted towards pupils who are less involved in sport.
  • Making physical activity an integral part of the day either on the playground or during journeys to and from school.
  • Training staff to further enrich and enhance physical activity in the school.

You may notice that a key feature of all of these options is that they are long-lasting or ‘sustainable’. That is to say, funding used in any of these ways will also go on to help future pupils, even after the initial investment.

Sunshine Gym and the Primary Physical Education and Activity Grant.

Children’s outdoor gym equipment perfectly meets the criteria of the sports premium funding. In fact, each of the four examples above can be put into place through working with Sunshine Gym!

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