Surface Options

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is available in a range of colours. This low maintenance surfacing option can brighten any outdoor fitness area.

  • Available in a range of colours to brighten any outdoor area.
  • Underlay provides a softer surface
  • Low Maintenance
  • Suitable in all weather
Artificial Grass

Grass Matting

Grass matting can be great for parks and open spaces. Once the grass has grown through, it can be mown over. It provides a hard wearing surface that prevents soil erosion and muddy areas. Sunshine Gym always secure with more pegs than required to ensure the grass matting stays in place.

  • Our grass matting is slip and fall resistant (BS 7188).
  • Safety: Tested to BS EN 1177
  • Low Maintenance
  • Durable : Tested to BS 7188 Slip and Fall Resistance
  • All Weather
  • Porous
  • Grass will grow through and can be mown.
Grass Matting


Extremely hard wearing and durable tarmacadam provides an ideal surface for heavy footfall areas. Easy to clean and maintain. Sunshine Gym can either provide a new a pad or install equipment on to an existing area. 

  • Hardwearing
  • Attractive appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • Free draining and quick drying
  • All weather
  • Virtually maintenance free
Double Health Walker Outdoor Gym

Wet Pour

Wet Pour EPDM Rubber Surfacing is a two layer porous impact absorbing in-situ rubber safety surface system. Wet Pour has a continuous appearance, which is generally installed to flat areas, but can also be installed over mounded or ramped sub structures. Wet Pour safety surface can be installed in Black EPDM, a single colour EPDM or to multi-coloured designs.

  • Safety: Tested to BS EN1177
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable: Tested to BS 7188 for Abrasive Wear
  • All weather
  • Options of different colours with various design possibilities
Wet Pour Surfacing

Softwood Playgrade Bark

Our softwood play grade wood chip is attractive, clean and hard wearing. The finer material has been screened out below 10mm. This increases its longevity, helps drainage and creates a better loose impact absorption surface.

The play area wood chip is creamy in colour and it’s uniform particles make the product natural looking and aesthetically pleasing. It is perfectly suited to trim trails and adventure paths and makes for a good alternative to play barks

  • Tested to BS EN1177:1998 Safety Standard
  • Fire resistance tested to BS 4790:1987
  • Produced from 100% natural and environmentally friendly sources
  • Attractive appearance
  • Uniform colour
  • Clean and non staining
  • Economical alternative to play grade bark
  • Free draining and quick drying
  • Natural untreated pine colour
  • Great for large play areas

Hardwood Playgrade Bark

A great balance between appearance, durability and economy. Made from mixed sustainable hardwoods. A good choice for a busy outdoor play area.Hardwood play grade chip is light to chestnut brown in colour and made from 100% British hardwoods.

It is a very popular choice in busy adventure play grounds and local authority installations due to its durability and cost; making this a great alternative to play bark.

  • Tested to BS EN1177:1998 Safety Standard
  • Produced from 100% natural and environmentally friendly sources
  • Attractive appearance
  • Hard wearing
  • Clean and non-staining
  • Brown/Nutty Brown colour
  • Ideal for heavily used play areas
  • Easy to install and drains well
Bark Surfacing