Outdoor Gym Equipment Surfacing

Surfacing and Installations

When we design and install your Sunshine Gym equipment, we take pride in creating an entire experience.

We strive to not only create a complete outdoor fitness suite, but also a place where any user can go to enjoy exercising, and benefit from spending time outdoors amongst peers.

Our team of designers are passionate about fitness and exercise, and as a result will actively work with you to to ensure you get the most out of your Sunshine Gym experience. We will be on hand to help you select both the perfect location, and equipment so that your fitness area works for you!

Our universal socket system is set into reinforced concrete below ground level for secure and easy installation. This enables equipment to be interchangeable ensuring enjoyment for many years to come. 

Whilst our equipment does not have a critical fall height, for aesthetic reasons many customers choose to upgrade to one of our surfacing options shown below. Changing your surfacing can make your area more appealing and inviting to potential users. So why not choose one of our surface options, or get creative by combining a mix of several to suit your individual needs. 

Surface Options


Artificial grass is one of our most popular surface options.

This surface option is both extremely low-maintenance, as well as suitable for all weather conditions, something which is very important for any outdoor gym. It comes in a range of different colour options so you can make your fitness area truly your own.

For more information on this surfacing option, contact one of our highly trained technical sales advisers by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page.


  • Low- maintenance
  • All-weather
  • Multiple colour/ design options
  • Inviting surface for users.


Wet Pour EPDM is a two layer porous impact absorbing in-situ rubber safety surface system often found in school playgrounds, local parks and other recreational areas.

It’s continuous appearance, available in a prethera of colours, make it a popular surface as customers get creative incorporating designs, logos, patterns, shapes and even running tracks.

Wet Pour can be laid on a MOT sub base for stability, allowing it to be installed over varying mounded or ramped sub structures.

  • Safety: Tested to BS EN1177
  • Low-maintenance
  • Durable: Tested to BS 7188 for Abrasive Wear
  • All-weather
  • Impact absorbing
  • Options of different colours with various design possibilities


Rubber Mulch is another popular option which blends in with the natural environment. This cost-effective surface is easy to install and can be laid directly onto the natural surface.

The surface option provides a durable and impact absorbing surface, which comes in a multitude of different colours and design ideas, making it the perfect choice for any outdoor fitness area.

  • Durable
  • Made from 90% recycled rubber
  • Easy install
  • Cost-effective
  • Multiple colour options


Asphalt or Tarmacadam provides an extremely hard wearing surface which is suitable for heavy footfall areas. Additionally, due to the nature of the surfacing it provides a durable and zero maintenance surface for all equipment.

Sunshine Gym can install equipment onto a pre-existing area, or alternatively they can install a brand new pad.

  • Hard-wearing
  • Attractive appearance
  • Zero-maintenance
  • Free draining & quick drying
  • All-weather
  • Ideal for heavy footfall areas


Grass matting can be great for both parks and open green spaces, providing a hard wearing surface which prevents soil erosion and muddy areas.

Once the grass has grown through, it can be mown over, thus keeping it consistent with the surrounding area and ensuring an aesthetically pleasing install. Just remember to change your setting on your lawnmower before you mow.

On top of this, Sunshine Gym always secure with more pegs than required to ensure the grass matting stays in place.

  • Hard wearing
  • All-weather
  • Slip and fall resistant: Tested to BS 7188.
  • Safe: Tested to BS EN 1177
  • Low Maintenance.


Grass provides the simplest of installs. Equipment is erected on a pre-existing grass surface.

This naturally occurring surface is extremely aesthetically pleasing and is the perfect option for parks and green spaces with vast expanses of empty grass areas.

Due to the nature of this surface it is also low-maintenance, and suitable for all-weather conditions:

  • Suitable for lower footfall areas
  • All-weather
  • Low-maintenance

Before making your final decision consider the following:

  • Footfall
  • All-weather/drainage requirements
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Colour
  • Design
  • Environmental impact
  • Natural or artificial preference
  • Budget
  • Ease of installation