Delivering opportunities for everybody to stay active and healthy

Delivering opportunities for everybody to stay active and healthy
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When designing Sunshine Gym equipment, we have always focused on delivering safe, sustainable outdoor fitness experiences which everybody can benefit from.
We aim to break down barriers to fitness, whether that be cost, accessibility, location or convenience.
Our approach has always been inclusive, bringing people together over a shared interest in fitness, to motive and encourage each other and even to inspire friendly competition. 
The latest designs now available from Sunshine Gym build further on the advances and high standards we have set in the outdoor gym industry.

Inclusive outdoor fitness

The range of outdoor gym equipment from Sunshine Gym includes wheelchair accessible equipment such as the Arm & Pedal Bike and Tai Chi Discs.
Taking our lead from our ‘fitness for everybody’ pledge we went on to design and launch the Integr8 Multi Gym, bringing social interaction to an outdoor workout to enhance the fun factor.
Now we’ve brought to market our new range of multi user stations which take into account different accessibility needs.
We also have single stations which again can be accessed by everybody.

Wheelchair Accessible Combi Pull Down Challenger and Power Push

A two-user station, the Combi encourages upper body push and pull movements. Based on the lat pull down and chest press exercises, the wheelchair accessible version of this machine uses a weighted system as opposed to body weight movements.

Double Hand Bike 

Facing each other, uses can go head to head in a test of endurance and stamina or steadily build up their fitness levels through this arm and shoulder exercise.

Inclusive Double Arm Extension

Similar to an overhead extension, the Inclusive Double Arm Extension works the arms and shoulders, starting with the arms above the head.

Wheelchair Accessible Rowing Wheels

While positioned between the rowing discs, users turn the wheels in a windmill motion training the muscles to be more flexible and strong. Users can work on both sides or isolate one side of the body at a time.

Inclusive Flat Tai Chi Wheels

Again, these encourage users to move their body in different directions, stretching the arms and shoulders in a circular motion as well as working the upper back muscles.

Inclusive Multi Gym

This equipment brings four users together to work out at any one time. It features a Tai Chi Disc, Foot Bike, Foot Compression Pedals and an Arm Bike for upper and lower body exercises.

Making connections through a love of fitness

We care passionately about improving health and wellbeing – that’s why we aim to make outdoor exercise accessible and engaging for everyone. Through inclusive access equipment, controlled and operated by individual users, everybody can achieve their fitness goals.

Contact our teams today to find out more about our new products.