Inspiration for sustainable improvements to school sport and PE provision

Sunshine Gym New Brochure
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Outdoor gym equipment for primary schools is a fantastic way to build capacity in sport and PE provision for years to come.
At Sunshine Gym, our UK-designed equipment is made to last while our experienced teams create unique layouts for each location to maximise the use of space and budgets.
Our latest brochure highlights some of the most popular and effective equipment for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.
It also provides essential information schools need to make an outdoor gym investment which will create change and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Benefits of a Sunshine Gym

Sunshine Gym equipment makes fitness fun – so much fun that children eagerly take part in workouts in their lunch and break times.
Keeping children active throughout the day is a great way to promote whole school improvement.
And providing an outdoor gym area which pupils can access freely, whether at unstructured play times or through a class rota system, raises the profile of staying fit and active.
Of course an outdoor gym is perfect for building capacity into PE sessions and sports sessions.
It can form part of a circuits class or provide warm-up and cool-down zones, be incorporated into physical challenges or sponsorship events for charity, and opens up the possibility of extra-curricular gym classes.
With the introduction of new outdoor gym equipment comes the opportunity to increase the knowledge and skills of PE staff.
It mixes up the delivery of PE to focus on different areas and types of exercise and can also complement existing provision.
And the arrival of an outdoor gym will be so significant that every child, no matter how sporty or inclined to take part in activities, will want the chance to try it out.

Making PE and sport inclusive

As well as accessible equipment options we strive to make every Sunshine Gym an inclusive environment which breaks down barriers to fitness so everybody can benefit.
In the first instance we include multi user stations and Multi Gyms in our designs to bring people together to exercise.
With motivation and encouragement, even a little friendly competition at times, exercising in an outdoor gym is an enjoyable experience.
Quite often we will find pupils are having such a good time chatting to each other they don’t realise they are working out at the same time!
The beauty of a Sunshine Gym is that while our equipment brings people together, every individual is able to work out at their own speed and pace.
Each station is independently operated by the user so they progress in their own time without feeling the pressure of being compared to others.

Multi Gyms for primary schools

Our new brochure also explains the additional benefits of our Multi Gym designs.
From a practical viewpoint, they are ideal for maximising the available space without compromising safety.
Our range of outdoor gym equipment for schools is built to child-friendly dimensions, perfect for those under 4’ 7” tall.
And of course, these benefits are all in addition to the overall objective of boosting children’s physical activity in school to develop fit and healthy individuals.
Adding an outdoor gym to your school sports and PE capacity contributes to the physical literacy of pupils, with outdoor workouts proven to help improve mental as well as physical wellbeing.

Starting your Sunshine Gym journey

Our dedicated team of advisers have lots of experience in designing, delivering and installing outdoor gyms for primary schools.
Take a look at our brochure below or click here, and get in touch to discuss your ideas.