The best outdoor gym equipment to keep you fit

The best outdoor gym equipment to keep you fit
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Taking training sessions outdoors is an ideal way to boost activity levels, clear the mind and improve health and wellbeing.
Traditional sports and exercise such as team games, running and hiking immediately spring to mind when thinking of an outdoor workout.
But transferring indoor workout and PE sessions to an outdoor gym is also another good way of keeping fit.

Who are outdoor gyms for?

At Sunshine Gym we design outdoor gym equipment for everybody – whatever the ability, fitness level, age or experience.
We offer a range of outdoor gym equipment just for children. It is built specifically for users under 4’ 7” tall and is proving a huge hit in schools and parks across the UK.
Our standard range of equipment includes stations designed for strength building, cardio workout equipment and kit which encourages stretching and mobility.
We also offer wheelchair accessible equipment and a range of multi gyms which are designed to accommodate group workouts.

Is an outdoor gym workout effective?

Our outdoor fitness equipment is based on body weight exercises which offer many benefits such as improving strength and endurance, coordination and balance, and flexibility and aerobic capacity.
Our equipment is free to access once installed, removing barriers such as cost, and with no further kit or accessories needed an outdoor gym workout is convenient as well as good for health.
Every user is in complete control of their workout in a Sunshine Gym, meaning not only do they exercise safely, at their own level and pace, but that they can measure their own progress through indicators such as increased repetitions, better stamina or speed, or better quality of movement.

What’s the best outdoor gym equipment to stay fit?

The best outdoor gym equipment supports the goals of the community accessing the fitness area.
In primary schools that is usually cardiovascular equipment which helps users to get moving, get their heartrate up and get used to exercising on a regular basis.
Outdoor gyms in the workplace may be tailored towards more experienced gym users, featuring equipment for functional fitness such as theDouble Squat Push.
Parks and recreation grounds are suited to Multi Gyms, encouraging social cohesion and connecting people through shared interests.
The best outdoor gym equipment keeps users motivated, so for beginners an outdoor gym should include equipment that is gentle on the joints and easy to use to reduce any fear of intimidation.
And outdoor gym equipment should be accessible and inclusive to encourage achievement and allow users to work out at times and places convenient to them.

How to choose equipment for an outdoor gym

Our team of friendly, specialist advisers will take the time to discuss the needs of clients and end users when creating an outdoor gym layout.
With decades of experience we design, supply and install outdoor gym equipment for safe and effective results, maximising the benefits and the budget.
We’ve already put some packages together, again tailored to the aims and goals of different user groups, to make it even easier to invest in the best outdoor gym equipment to keep people fit.
The Primary School Fitness is Fun Package is a great introduction to outdoor exercise for youngsters.
As well as equipment children might recognise such as the Children’s Rower, it includes multi user stations so pupils can discover the benefits of exercise together.
The Complete Campus Package takes the principles of outdoor exercise young people learn in primary school and builds on it to improve their performance and hold their enthusiasm.
It provides a comprehensive suite of outdoor fitness equipment, combining cardio, core and stretching movements.
The Multi Gym Plus Package includes wheelchair accessible stations as part on an Activ8 Multi Gym, traditional equipment such as the Double Sit Up Bench and upper and lower body strength building equipment.
Our parks range has been created to suit every time of public open space, with the Parks Enhancer Package helping to add value to venues where space is tight by offering five user stations across three pieces of equipment.
Meanwhile the Complete Multi Gym Package enables 20 users to work out at the same time for busy recreation grounds.
Workplaces may benefit from the Time Out Package or Power Hour Package, designed to improve the health and wellbeing of those in need of a screen break or those who sit for long periods of time.
Our Healthy Living Package is great for independent living accommodation and care homes, and includes a Horse Rider to keep users young at heart.
And for prisons and secure units we offer the Exercise Yard and Exercise Yard Plus packages featuring more challenging strength exercises.

Outdoor gym equipment for everybody

From healthcare providers to local authorities, charities to architects and town planners, we work with our clients to offer the best outdoor gym equipment for a healthy lifestyle.
Browse the Sunshine Gym product range online or call our team for a free consultation.