How to get the best value from your outdoor gym investment

How to get the best value from your outdoor gym investment
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How to get the best value from your outdoor gym investment

When building an outdoor gym, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.
Design, space, features, users. But however varied the unique issues for each site are, budget is usually top of the list every time.
The balance hangs in getting the right type of equipment to interest users and prevent the facility becoming a white elephant, and investing in enough equipment to meet demand.
At the end of the day, getting the best value from your outdoor gym means being able to demonstrate it is being used regularly and is benefiting people’s health.
At Sunshine Gym, our advisers start by helping you to define your ultimate aims and goals as part of the planning process. This ensures you always get the most out of your investment.
Whether it is adding a new dimension to an already popular public space, responding to local health statistics or offering extended facilities to a defined or unique user group, our experts work with you to recommend and explain how each product contributes to your overall objectives.

Include familiar equipment in your outside gym

If you are looking to get people exercising regularly for the first time, or want to support those returning to a fitness regime after a break, then it is a good idea to feature equipment that they will feel comfortable using. A beginner workout might include low-intensity cardio exercise, for example.

The Sunshine Gym Sky Stepper, Double Health Walker and Rower are all great pieces of equipment to include as the chances are most users will have seen them or come across them before. Easy to use, these machines work to burn calories and improve heart function. They put users in control as they can decide how much energy they put into a workout and how long for.

Not only that, these cardio machines are great for warm ups and cool downs so are bound to be popular with more seasoned users as well.

Design an accessible outdoor gym

Want to support families looking for ways to enjoy screen break time together? Incorporate some children’s equipment into your gym alongside the adult pieces. The double slalom skier and horse rider are always popular with younger users because they are not only a fun way to get fit, they are also great ways to stimulate the mind with imaginative physical play.

If you have a goal to improve the inclusivity of your space and bring communities together, think about adding in wheelchair accessible pieces. The Sunshine Gym Arm and Pedal Cycle and Tai Chi Discs are specifically designed to be used from a seated position.

A Sunshine Gym can cater for all fitness levels

The Combi Pull Down Challenger and Power Push offers a comprehensive workout for upper body strength. Similarly, if you are looking to build an outdoor gym that a wide cross-section of the local population can take advantage of, try including items such as Parallel Rails or the Double Pull Up.

Both pieces of equipment pose a challenging workout for even the most seasoned gym member, targeting chest, shoulder, back, biceps and triceps muscles.


Keep it sociable

Installing an outdoor gym can have much wider benefits than simply improving health and fitness. They can encourage social interaction, reducing loneliness and isolation, and contribute to the development of an engaged community.

An outdoor gym with a varied mix of equipment could be the perfect place for friends to challenge each other to circuit workouts while our Multi Gym arrangements maximise the available space by combining key pieces.

Think about amenities too. As part of the Broxap group of companies we can offer a huge selection of high-quality external products such as seating, litter bins and signage to complete your outdoor gym.

Understanding your open-air gym needs and requirements

At Sunshine Gym we commit to working with our clients to deliver safe, durable, value for money outside gyms. We offer free site visits and a full consultation service to help you build the outdoor gym and fitness area that serves your community best.

Our highly trained teams are passionate about providing free-to-use exercise equipment for everybody. They share their knowledge, creativity and experience in opening up fitness opportunities across a range of locations for a wide variety of partners.

If you would like to find out more about the Sunshine Gym product range and support services, get in touch with our sales experts and take the first steps towards realising your project.

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