Outdoor gyms - what are they and how do we create one?

Outdoor gyms - what are they and how do we create one?
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Outdoor gyms - what are they and how do we create one?

Outdoor gyms give people access to high quality fitness equipment all in the open air.
From parks to playgrounds, business sites to housing complexes, Sunshine Gym has a solution to fit a wide range of environments.
Far from a fad, outdoor gyms have grown in popularity over the years as a way of making keep fit affordable for all.
They are now seen as a vital component in boosting public health and improving the wellbeing of our local populations.
Installing gym equipment out in the open air helps to remove some of the physical and psychological  barriers to fitness and exercise.
Once installed, users can work out at their own speed and at times which best suit them - all for free.
Sunshine Gym equipment does not include any additional resistance as a safety precaution and to make our equipment accessible to users of different abilities.
Outdoor gyms can also be an essential tool in helping local authorities to meet their responsibilities for leisure and activity provision.
Installing an outside gym in a school, college or university setting can not only liven up the physical education curriculum, it can help to generate healthy habits among future generations.

 School outdoor gym equipment 

Our children’s outdoor fitness equipment range is perfect for primary schools and other educational settings.
Designed specifically for little ones, under 140cm in height, our products include balance beams and arm and pedal cycles to encourage coordination and agility – key components of the KS1 and KS2 curriculum.
Multi gym arrangements help schools to make the best use of space available to them, providing value for money and scope for a wide variety of fun-filled PE sessions.
The children’s horse rider and slalom skier not only provide a workout, they inspire imaginative play, while rowers, walkers and steppers motivate aerobic routines to get the heart rate up.
Traditional exercises are also encouraged, with the likes of sit up benches giving youngsters the equipment they need to practise their technique safely.

Outdoor gym equipment for teenagers and adults

Training independently or as a team, in group workouts or one-on-one PT sessions, Sunshine Gym equipment for teenagers and adults supports healthy lifestyles whatever the fitness level.
Wheelchair access equipment and low impact apparatus open up outdoor gyms for everyone.
Outdoor exercise equipment from Sunshine Gym can help users focus on improving strength and ability in a particular area such as core, legs and arms.
All body workouts are kept interesting with parallel rails, waist twister and power push equipment sitting alongside traditional exercise bikes, rowers and walkers.
Our wide range of equipment offers something for everyone regardless of age and ability, from those starting out on a new health regime to seasoned gym-goers.

How to set up an outdoor gym

At Sunshine Gym we can design, produce, supply and fit an outdoor gym to suit every space and need, from the right floor surface option to the perfect height for our pull up bars.
Every item of quality equipment is tested to the highest standards and our advisers will ensure all safety requirements have been considered. Our team can guide you on the type of equipment available, considering budget and purpose, and the benefits of each machine.
As part of the Broxap group of companies, we can offer support with the correct signage and other furniture such as benches and bins.
And with more than 15 years of experience behind us, we are also able to assist with planning processes and identifying funding streams.
To press ahead and create your outdoor gym project, contact Sunshine Gym to discuss your needs.

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