Why your outdoor gym needs a… Double Slalom Skier

Why your outdoor gym needs a… Double Slalom Skier
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Why your outdoor gym needs a… Double Slalom Skier

With a Double Slalom Skier in your outdoor gym, there’s no reason to swerve a workout.
It offers a cardio blast, improves muscle strength and adds an element of fun to an outdoor gym session.
Brilliant for burning excess energy, a Double Slalom Skier keeps exercise enjoyable and encourages even the most reluctant gym user to come back for more.

The Double Slalom Skier

This piece of equipment allows two people to work out at the same time, although each operating the machine at their own speed and pace.
It works the upper body, core and legs.
Holding on to the handlebars, users make left to right leg and hip movements to replicate the actions of a slalom skier, toning the abdominals and working the obliques.
Controlling the move engages the upper body, building the strength and stamina needed to increase the speed of the exercise.

Why choose a Double Slalom Skier?

With users working out face to face, the Double Slalom Skier brings opportunities to make friends as well as get fit.
It adds a social element to any outdoor gym, particularly those in the community where integration and inclusivity are important factors to consider.
This friendly layout is also great for breaking down some of the barriers to exercise, particularly for those people who lack confidence or who feel intimidated in a traditional indoor gym setting.
While the equipment is easy to operate, making it a good choice for beginners and those returning to exercise, there is a depth to the workout that builds muscle endurance and strength for more seasoned visitors.
Keeping the upper body upright means users have to isolate and engage their muscles to stay balanced, improving agility and coordination.

Who can use a Double Slalom Skier?

With a version built for children and one for those taller than 1.4 metres in height, a Slalom Skier really is for everybody.
For young users, this equipment ignites the imagination as they pretend to whizz down the slopes while all the time they are moving their bodies to stay fit and healthy.
The design of Sunshine Gym equipment means that young and old, novice and expert, can work on improving their pace and stamina. The two stations are operated independently so whatever the fitness level, the individual is always in control.
Great for adding variety as well as fun into a workout, the Double Slalom Skier can also be used at a more leisurely pace for gentle cool downs.

Where can a Double Slalom Skier be installed?

Safety zones of 1.5 metres are always maintained around our equipment for the safety of users and spectators.
Because all equipment from Sunshine Gym has a critical fall height of less than 0.6m, a safety surface is not required. A Double Slalom Skier can be installed in an existing grass or tarmacadam surface.
It’s great for community settings, schools and holiday parks in particular where people of different ages and at different fitness levels all come together.

What other benefits come with a Double Slalom Skier?

For an invigorating workout, the Double Slalom Skier is one of the best. However hard you want to work out, being out in the fresh air has a fantastic effect on the mind as well as physical wellbeing.
From burning calories to improving mood, incorporating a session on the Double Slalom Skier into a workout can bring about lots of positive change. 
To discuss the installation of an outdoor gym featuring a Double Slalom Skier, get in touch today.

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