Outdoor gym equipment for Emergency Services


Outdoor gym equipment for emergency service workers

Outdoor gyms are perfect for recreation and wellness programmes for police, paramedics and fire & rescue services, as well as for response teams at emergency control centres.

From long shifts, to constantly being on call, it can be hard for emergency service staff to find the time to schedule in fitness activities. Furthermore, having little or irregular free time may mean staff within emergency services don’t want to spend money on gym memberships.

That’s where a Sunshine Gym comes in.

Once installed, outdoor gyms provide free fitness facilities. Therefore no matter what your circumstances, you can pop on and off whenever you’re free.

Unlike most indoor gym facilities, outdoor gyms needn’t be subject to opening and closing times. This means that they are almost always available round the clock. Therefore, so long as you provide appropriate and significant lighting, staff can work out before or after their shifts, regardless of what time that may be…

So how does an outdoor fitness area for emergency service workers fit into pre-existing facilities?

The Sunshine Gym range of Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment includes both single and multi-user gym units. Conventional, single-user units serve a great purpose as they may be more recognisable to gym-goers.

Meanwhile, multi-user equipment provides a space saving opportunity, allowing multiple people to work out independently at one time. This means even small outdoor areas can be turned in to a workout space for staff in the emergency services.

Packages suitable for emergency services

Ask the Experts! 

Our Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment range comprises of both strength building and cardiovascular outdoor fitness equipment so emergency service workers can tailor their own fitness workout.

For example firefighters, ambulance crews and police officers can stretch out their limbs and muscles, or may opt for a cardio workout to refocus the mind and body. This mixture of equipment also promotes a commitment to overall health and fitness, something essential to the emergency services.

Whether the aim is recreational exercise or maintaining fitness, the safety of our emergency service staff is paramount. Hence, all of our outdoor gym equipment is designed with safety in mind, and is always tested to and compliant with the BS EN 16630:2015 safety standard. Remember, this equipment range is suitable for use by those above 140cm/ 4’7” in height.

For help creating your own outdoor gym facility for your emergency service workers, contact one of our trained advisors today.