Outdoor gym equipment for prisons

Sunshine Gym offer a wide range of outdoor gym equipment perfect for encouraging health and fitness in prison settings.

Exercise equipment for prisons is key to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Something which as a nation we encourage in our prisoners. What’s more, offering the opportunity for outdoor fitness as an alternative to a cell workout fosters an even healthier attitude.

Having this healthy relationship with exercise will go towards helping to encourage an improvement in both physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore outdoor exercise is one of many structured activities for inmates which could contribute to rehabilitation in UK prisons.

Prisoners can use our cardio equipment to either lose weight, or improve their heart and lung function. This is all whilst enjoying some time amongst the fresh air; it’s great for mental wellbeing and can even be used for inmate recreation activities.

In addition to cardio equipment, our range of outdoor gym equipment for prisons also includes various strength building machines.

Strength building isn’t just about gaining muscle mass, it also goes a long way to improving other aspects of fitness such as bone strength and muscle flexibility. Furthermore, the mental-physical coordination required here makes these workouts great extracurricular activities for prisoners.

Packages suitable for Prisons

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Exercise in prison can be tricky to navigate. However, none of our outdoor gym equipment has any loose weights or parts, they simply utilise the user’s own body weight as its only form of resistance. This makes our equipment safer than the alternative to use in public fitness and prison gym settings.

Additionally all of our equipment is made to be both durable and robust, allowing for both lengthy and vigorous use.  Making it perfect for your prison setting.

Our range of outdoor fitness equipment for prions includes recommended packages made up of our Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment. That means the range is designed for use by those above 140cm/ 4’7” in height.

For more information on any of our outdoor gym equipment for prisons contact one of our trained advisors today.