Wheelchair Accessible Arm & Pedal Bike

£672.00 Excl. VAT

The Wheelchair Accessible Arm and Pedal Bicycle is specially designed for wheelchair users. This design means that those who are less mobile can use outdoor gym equipment with ease.

Outdoor gym goers can either use both the arm and pedal sections or choose just one. Like the Arm and Pedal Bicycle it is a great cardiovascular workout and improves muscle tone and flexibility in all major muscle groups in both the arms and the legs.

What does the Wheelchair Accessible Arm and Pedal Bike bring to an outdoor gym?

  • A unit dedicated to simple cardiovascular exercise which can be enjoyed from a seated position.
  • Multi-use equipment in which the user can operate the arm or pedal section independently of each other.
  • No in-built resistance means the user remains in control of their workout.

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