Outdoor gym equipment for holiday parks

Outdoor gym equipment for holiday parks
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While many people will be familiar with the sight of outdoor gym equipment in parks and maybe even schools, Sunshine Gym works with a much more diverse range of locations to open up fitness for everybody.
The concept of healthy town design for instance calls for communities to be constructed in a way which supports health and wellbeing.
Not only is that reflected in outdoor gym developments in the built environment, it can be delivered through outdoor gyms for workplaces and even retail sites.
And with more and more people taking advantage of ‘free gym membership’ to their outdoor gym day to day, it's only logical that the same offering should be made available when they are on holiday too.

Holiday accommodation with outdoor gyms

We all have our own particular checklist when it comes to choosing where to stay on holiday.
It could be a fantastic playground for the children or a relaxing covered outdoor dining area.
More often, guests are also looking for holiday parks with gym facilities.
And with an outdoor gym from Sunshine Gym, holiday park owners can really boost their offering for guests young and old.
Powered by people rather than electricity, our outdoor gym equipment is low maintenance and low cost – but it delivers high customer satisfaction.
The equipment is free to access once installed so for holiday park guests, their health and fitness needs are taken care of at no extra cost to them.
And because our equipment is designed so everybody can benefit from it, an outdoor gym opens up new activities for beginners which they can continue at their community outdoor gym when they get home.

Breaking down barriers to fitness

Inspiring guests to take just 15 to 30 minutes out of their holiday to exercise could be the catalyst to long-term healthy habits.
And for those who regularly visit the gym, being able to continue their workouts on holiday is a real bonus.
Because our equipment is installed in outdoor areas, guests don’t have to be tied to booking systems or set opening times and can exercise at their leisure.
Each item of equipment comes clearly labelled, outlining the main functions of the equipment, safety information and instructions on how to use the equipment.
Ranging from cardiovascular equipment to strength building equipment, each piece in the Sunshine Gym range is easy to operate no matter what the user’s fitness level or ability.
We also offer a range of wheelchair accessible outdoor gym equipment.
And because we believe in offering fun and inclusive fitness opportunities, our Multi Gyms and multi user equipment is a great way for guests to chat and make new friends while working out together.

Delivering a wellbeing boost

Going on holiday is the perfect way to unwind and recharge the batteries.
And the benefits of exercise – particularly exercise outdoors – is an undisputed powerful tool for good health and wellbeing.
Exercise boosts mood, aids sleep and helps to control issues like weight gain and blood pressure. Psychologically, taking a workout outdoors, can also reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.
Connecting with the outdoors can also help to reduce loneliness and help people to get to know each other.
Holidays are a great way to make new friends, so our outdoor gym designs, which encourage people to socialise while exercising, are ideal for staycation resorts.
At Sunshine Gym we also offer a dedicated range for children, specifically designed for users under 4’ 7” tall.
Again, our experienced outdoor gym designers can work with park owners and site management to come up with safe layouts where parents, carers and older siblings can keep an eye on younger ones while still enjoying a workout of their own.
And with such a variety of equipment to choose from, our advisers can also help customers to choose the best equipment for their budget and for their customer needs.

Get in touch with our team today and discover how an outdoor gym offering can boost your holiday park bookings.