How to Burn More Calories Throughout the Day

How to Burn Calories | Oudoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym

As a nation, we are currently in the midst of an ever-growing obesity epidemic.

Therefore, it is essential that we do our utmost to improve our overall health & fitness and try to ensure we are a suitable, and healthy weight.

A common misconception related to weight loss is that it requires massive life-altering changes. As well as long drawn out exercise regimes. Something that, above all,  doesn’t fit into our busy work lives or hectic social schedules.

Time is a major restraint and with some select professions, such as emergency service staff, working longer and longer hours it’s important that we make just a little bit of time to focus on ourselves.

Therefore here at Sunshine Gym, we have come up with just a few small helpful tips and ideas on how you can do more in the day to improve your health.

Little changes can be made to your everyday habits, that most of us wouldn’t even notice… 

… leaving no more excuses as to why you can’t “get fit.” 

From upping the amount of sleep that you get, to increasing your time spent working out per week, each of our tips can help decrease your calorie input and increase your calorie output.

See the infographic below for more information: 

Infographic | How to Burn Calories | Oudoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym


Our range of outdoor gym equipment fits perfectly into hectic lifestyles.

Park gyms, or outdoor gym areas within your workplace, allow you to engage in a free exercise which is available at your leisure. Furthermore, equipment such as the Sky Stepper, and Horse Rider offer a full body workout, meaning that time is not an issue.

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