Try Something New for this Year’s #LoveParks Week

Love Parks Week | Sunshine Gym

Fitness starts here; exercise in a park to support the country’s green spaces.

From the 13th-22nd July, Keep Britain Tidy runs their 12th annual Love Parks Week campaign. Every year, the aim of the event is to raise the profile of the country’s parks in the hope of securing the future of our green spaces.

This year’s theme is “It started in a park…”

From first meetings to family picnics, from artistic sketches to musical performances; there’s a world of experiences offered by a trip to your local green area. However, if you’re looking to try something new, why not try some exercise in a park?

An outdoor fitness area is full of easy-to-use equipment – very familiar if you’re used to the gym. Nonetheless, something somewhat unfamiliar is the experience of knowing you can use this equipment safely and without the subscription fee!

Outdoor gym equipment allows you to exercise in a park amongst nature and fresh air, something which is particularly beneficial. It also comes without the pressure or competition found in a traditional gym. That means you can complete your workout feeling oh-so refreshed!

If you’re thinking of taking up exercise in a park for this year’s Love Parks Week, be sure to share your experience on social media. Above all, it’s important to create lots of noise about the campaign for it to have its full effect. Don’t forget to tag your posts #LoveParks!

Love Parks #LoveParks - Sunshine Gym - Exercise in a Park

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