Sunshine Gym FAQs
How do I know which products are right for me?

Our expert teams are on hand to assist and can help identify which products are right for you. Through our free of charge site visits we will discuss your budget, requirements and aims before recommending equipment which meets the needs of the users whilst maximising best value.

How is the equipment installed?

Every single piece of gym equipment in our range is fixed to one or multiple ground anchors that are set into a concrete pocket. We start the process by measuring out the area, set string lines so all the equipment is in the perfect position (for safety as well as making it look its best) and mark the areas in which to install the ground anchors. The holes are then dug to a depth of min. 600mm and the anchors with equipment attached are floated in the centre. Our special extra strong quick setting concrete mix is then poured and left to set. We finish with a little surfacing work and hand over to our customers to enjoy their new outdoor gym.

Is the equipment suitable for my garden?

Sunshine Gym equipment is suitable for most outdoor locations. However, it is important that you select the right equipment for you. 

Each equipment piece that Sunshine Gym sell offer a varied range of exercises for users of every ability. Speak to a member of our team to discuss which pieces of equipment are right for your individual needs.

How long will a Sunshine Gym last?

Our equipment is manufactured using the latest processes and quality materials to maximise lifespan. All steel is pre-galvanised, correctly sized and using the best powder coat systems to ensure a premium product.

For your confidence, we provide a 25 year structural, 5 year paint and 2 year moving parts guarantee. However, regular equipment maintenance & inspection is an important part of promoting the longevity of our products.

To take an example from everyday life, a car that is regularly serviced, washed and waxed is most likely to last much longer than one that isn’t. Look after your gym equipment and you’ll see 10 years, 20 years, even 30 years-plus service from your equipment.

Can I use an outdoor gym in a PE lesson?

Yes. Outdoor gym equipment can be integrated into ‘fitness’ based PE for the entire class. Usually, an outdoor gym or fitness space will cater for up to half of the class, such as our Primary School Performance Package. The other half can either pair up and perform the ‘stopwatch duties’ or for the best outcome, add in some fitness line markings onto the playground including hopping, squat and star jumps. 

Is Sunshine Gym equipment suitable for children?

Our range of children’s gym equipment is designed specifically for users 1.4m and under in height. Not only is this equipment great fun to use.  However, our range for users over 1.4m tall is not suitable for children who do not meet that height threshold. The position of the handles and pedals is such that users under 1.4m cannot use the equipment correctly or benefit from that equipment.

When planning for your gym, it is essential that both the Sunshine Gym experts and yourself understand the intended users. A great example of this is Hadley Park in Telford. Telford & Wrekin Council wanted to create a space where families can exercise together users of all heights can exercise together so by installing a combination of equipment for users both under and over 1.4m, parents and children can mimic each other’s exercises is an environment designed for that purpose.

Is outdoor gym equipment certified to safety standards?

All of Sunshine Gym’s range of equipment is TUV tested to the relevant safety standards. Where a standard doesn’t exist, such as our range for users 1.4m and under in height, we take the certified design from the taller version (intended for users over 1.4m in height) and ensure all the same safety features are included in the smaller designs.

Though Sunshine Gym's range of outdoor gym equipment is tested to these safety standards, and have TUV certification, other manufacturers equipment may not be. Phrases such as ‘conforms to’ or ‘tested to’ are often used when equipment is designed it in accordance with the standard, but no independent testing has been carried out.

Therefore, when comparing Sunshine Gym against other manufacturers, remember that we’ve had all equipment checked by a qualified tester giving you the full confidence in the safety features of our products.

Do you provide safety signs?

Yes. Additional safety signs are available and usually designed bespoke to suit each customer's needs. Our in-house graphic designers can provide the designs for our customers to approve, before manufacturing.

Also, all our outdoor gym equipment comes equipped with stainless steel labels which include safety information, instructions on how to use that particular piece of kit and its benefits. As part of Broxap Ltd. we are also a single source supplier of products to transform your outdoor space such as seating, signage, bollards, litter bins, rails and fencing; cycle parking and shelters; and sports and playground equipment.

Can someone help to design my outdoor gym?

Yes. Our helpful sales advisers are highly experienced in the design of outdoor fitness areas. We take into account safety zones, extending features and moving parts on the equipment, and potential hazards on site. We also consider the flow of people around the outdoor gym to achieve a safe and comfortable layout.

How long after ordering my equipment will it be available?

Our lead times range between 1-2 weeks for supply only and 4-8 weeks for installation after we receive your Sunshine Gym order. School holiday times book up early, so if installation out of term time is a must, it is always advisable to place your order as soon as possible. Installation dates will be confirmed once the order is received.

For further information, visit our online delivery information page.

Does Sunshine Gym offer UK delivery?

Yes. We can arrange delivery throughout the UK mainland. For other UK delivery zones, please contact our sales teams. Prices are calculated according to location. Further details can be found on the delivery information page. 

Is Sunshine Gym equipment suitable for the elderly community?

Yes. We believe Sunshine Gym opens up fitness opportunities for everybody. Our equipment is easy to use and is perfect for those who are new or returning to exercise as well as those taking part in physical activity as part of a rehabilitation programme. This is because our equipment uses body weight only to challenge users, taking the pressure off joints while still getting the heart rate up.

Can I buy the equipment and install it myself?

Yes. We can provide installation instructions. However, we also offer a full installation service throughout the UK. Our DBS-checked teams work to a code of conduct and time management arrangement to complete projects with minimum inconvenience and disruption.

Does Sunshine Gym supply maintenance guides?

The Sunshine Gym Operation and Maintenance Manual is available to download online. This provides information on cleaning, health and safety and the materials used in the production of our equipment.

Does the equipment require regular maintenance?

As you would expect, all outdoor fitness equipment should be subject to regular inspections and maintenance works. This is because it incorporates moving parts and/or parts that are subject to wear and tear. We recommend visual and operational inspections on a regular basis and, to adhere to BS EN 16630, annual inspections should be carried out by RPII Level 3 Inspectors. 

Can I create my own package of equipment?

Yes. As a guide we have put together a series of packages featuring the equipment we feel delivers best value depending on location and use. Take a look at our pre-designed packages

However, our advisers are more than happy to talk through your outdoor gym proposals to ensure all equipment selections are suitable for the available space. All our individual pieces of equipment, and our packages, are listed on our website while our blog is another good source of inspiration when deciding what equipment to include in an outdoor gym.

Does Sunshine Gym equipment comply with British safety standards?

Our full range of equipment for adults and teenagers (specified as users over 1.4m in height) is certified to the BS EN 16630 safety requirements for permanently installed, freely accessible outdoor fitness equipment. However, no safety standard is currently in place for children’s outdoor gym equipment. The Sunshine Gym children’s range of equipment, designed specifically for users under 1.4m in height, is tested by us and RPII Annual Inspectors to the same safety requirements.

What type of surfacing does Sunshine Gym provide?

Our professional installation teams offer a wide range of surfacing options from artificial grass to wetpour, bound rubber mulch, and rubber grass mats.

We have created an extensive guide to surfacing and the options available with a Sunshine Gym in our Buyer’s Guide to Safety Surfacing. View our surfacing guide.

Is safety surfacing required with a Sunshine Gym?

There’s no need for a safety surface to be installed with a Sunshine Gym in order to comply with relevant safety standards.  All of our equipment has a free fall height lower than the thresholds for both BS EN16630 (for users over 1.4m high) and BS EN 1176 (the standard often used by RPII Annual Inspectors to test equipment for users 1.4m and below in height), so our gym equipment can, and very often is, installed directly onto tarmacadam playgrounds.

However, to extend the life of your Sunshine Gym and to enhance the user experience, we sometimes recommend choosing a surface which best suits the gym location and the needs of users. The right surface inspires confidence in users and can create a more visually appealing gym that people will want to visit time and again. On top of this, the right surfacing can provide much easier ground maintenance over the life of the gym.