Exercising on a Budget: Five Ways That You Can Get Fit For Free

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Getting fit and healthy can often be quite expensive. With the rising cost of gym memberships, and paying out for expensive diet plans, the cost can sometimes add up.

That is why at Sunshine Gym we have devised a short list of five fun, yet effective ways in which you can lose weight without breaking the bank!


Parkrun is a well-known organisation which holds regular running events up and down the UK.

The events are held every Saturday morning and require runners to cover a distance of five kilometres. This should take a beginner about 60 minutes to run the full 5k. However, this is a  non-competitive sporting event which allows runners to take their time.

The no judgement environment encourages participants to set their own pace and build up to improving their times. #Parkrun events are a great way for you to start your fitness journey, and no matter rain or shine you can enjoy a nice run with friends.

Parkrun | Outdoor Fitness | Sunshine Gym

Parkrun has been around for over 10 years and was first launched as the ‘Bushy Park Time Trial.’ In 2008 they changed their name to ‘Parkrun’.

Dropping the idea of the ‘timed trial’ from the title made the event more appealing to novice runners, and opened the event up to different social groups.

Parkrun is held in 467 locations up and down the UK, so you are guaranteed to find an event which is accessible to you.

Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor gyms can be found in many public parks or green spaces around the UK.

The equipment found in these outdoor fitness areas should be very familiar, especially if you have used a regular indoor gym before. Though the equipment works slightly differently to those found in an indoor gym, their benefits are equally matched.

Take a look at our guide to outdoor gym equipment for more information on each of the products. 

There is one major difference however when it comes to outdoor fitness areas, they are completely FREE! Making them even more appealing than a regular indoor gym. 

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Victoria Park Outdoor Gym, Tunstall

Outdoor fitness areas provide a safe and fun judgement free workout space.

They can be enjoyed both by yourself or even with a group of friends. If you choose to work out as a group you will see even more benefits as it is proven to not only improve your mental health, through the act of social interaction but is also proven to inspire you to carry on and push through the pain barrier.

Thus resulting in an overall improvement of your fitness ability.

Walking or Cycling to Work

Cycling or walking to work is a great way to get more physical activity into your everyday fitness routine.

Cycling to work can help to improve both physical and mental health.

This free exercise is a great way to improve your fitness. Both activities are low impact meaning that they are great for beginners.

Walking or cycling in the morning improves your cardiovascular fitness. This means it will strengthen your heart and increase your lung capacity.

Regular walking or cycling in the morning before work can massively reduce your risk of contracting long term life-altering conditions such as type two diabetes or heart disease.

Cycling and walking are both great for your physical health but are also amazing for your mental well-being too. It is scientifically proven that by walking or cycling to work in the morning you can cut the risk of mental health issues almost in half. This is due to both an increase in social interaction as well as having the opportunity to be outside amongst nature.

Free Tennis Courts

Another great idea for a free workout is through the use of the many free sporting facilities in your local parks or green spaces.

Tennis is a great social aerobic activity. Tennis is great for increasing your bone density, muscle tone, strength and flexibility. As well as being a great and fun way to reduce body fat. This social sport offers a full body workout that can burn about 600 calories in just one hour! Which is great, as this sport can be played by anyone of any ability, and it’s also completely FREE.

Playing tennis is great for your physical and mental well-being.

Playing tennis is not only good for your physical health, but it is also good for your mental health too. Scientists have proven that playing tennis regularly can boost your brain power, and improve brain function in areas such as memory, learning, social skills, and behaviour!

Making it a great sport for working out both the body and mind.

Online Workout Videos

Online workout videos are a great way for people to lose weight for free.

Workout DVD’s are a great way to get fit without leaving your home.

They can be done in the comfort of your own home and you get to set the time scale.

Whether you want a full one hour’s cardio or even a short five minute burst, you can enjoy the benefits of an online workout video! With online workout videos, you set your own targets and your own time scale. This means that you can work out before and after work or even during your lunch break!

There are so many online workouts to choose from. From the energetic Boxercise right through to Pilates you can enjoy a free and fun workout in your living room.

Getting fit and healthy shouldn’t mean paying out lots of money! There are so many ways which you can get fit without spending a single penny.

So why not give one of our great ideas a try! Or better still, why not try all of them and see which one works for you!

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