Outdoor gym equipment for housing associations


Outdoor gym equipment for community spaces

At Sunshine Gym we’re putting fitness at the heart of our communities with our outdoor gym equipment for housing associations.

Residential areas are often built with communities in mind, and therefore incorporate small areas of green space which are frequently used by dog walkers, or young children.

However, these traditional green spaces can be transformed into a community fitness hub, simply by the introduction of a Sunshine Gym.

Outdoor gyms provide a new and exciting fitness solution which is free to use, once equipment has been installed. This makes theses facilities readily available to even more members of the community.

On top of providing a free fitness solution for your local community, outdoor gyms also provide family friendly fun which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Sunshine Gym can install children’s and adults’ outdoor gym equipment within any residential area. This means you can provide an inclusive fitness facility for both adults and children.

Please note that when installing both children’s and adults outdoor gym equipment, appropriate signage needs to be erected. Find out more in our outdoor gym safety section.

Packages suitable for housing associations

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As well as providing a fitness facility for parents and children alike, at Sunshine Gym we love to promote friendly and sociable workouts, and our range of multi-user outdoor gym equipment makes this possible.

Multi-user outdoor gym equipment, can be installed in community areas and green spaces to provide a sociable workout which you can enjoy with friends.

Although this type of equipment encourages gym goers to work out “together”, each of the moving parts operates independently. Therefore allowing individual users to workout independently of one another, encouraging a safer workout.

At Sunshine Gym we design all of our equipment with safety in mind, and therefore ensure that all of our equipment is tested to the highest of standards.

For more information on how to create your own outdoor community fitness area, contact one of our trained advisers today.

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