Losing Weight By : Improving Key Fitness Elements.

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It is commonly  known that regular exercise partnered with a well-balanced, healthy diet is the only safe way to lose weight.

Therefore, when people are looking to slim down they often increase the amount of cardio which they perform daily. Cardio is a highly effective way to burn calories! But that doesn’t mean that it is the only way.

Why do we neglect weight training?

Without partnering cardiovascular exercises with some weight training, it would be harder for you to improve your overall fitness levels! And having a higher level of fitness will not only allow you to lose weight at a quicker rate, but it will also help you to keep the weight off for good.

So how do we go about improving our overall fitness levels?

To improve your overall fitness levels you first need to focus on improving the three key fitness elements. These include; strength, speed and stamina. Improving these key elements will enable you to move quicker, for longer and with a higher resistance.Thus allowing you to lose more weight, quicker, and more safely too.

At Sunshine Gym we have a range of outdoor fitness equipment which  will help you to improve these key fitness elements, by encouraging exercise and engaging different muscles.

By implementing our suggestions, you could lose weight much quicker, as well as ensuring optimal fitness for life.

Ensure you stick to the right path!

Many of us try to lose weight quickly, often for special occasions, such as their wedding or next holiday. However, this means that they practice unsafe weight loss regimes.

Not eating, and engaging in prolonged periods of strenuous exercise can cause serious harm to your body.

Though you might see some immediate effects; after a short period of time your body will begin storing fat!

This will reverse the immediate effects of weight loss.

Thus causing you to actually gain weight. Hence resulting in the opposite to your desired outcome.

In order to lose weight safely you will need to eat regularly, and workout for at least one hour per day. This exercise does not have to be tedious.

Sunshine Gym has a range of outdoor gym equipment that can help you to lose weight. But at your own regulated pace.

Making these small changes to your lifestyle should enable you to keep yourself fit and healthy for life.

How to lose weight with Sunshine Gym?

In order to improve your strength, speed, and stamina you will need to use the correct exercise equipment.

One of the best machines for weight loss and fitness is the rowing machine. The Rowing Machine requires a quick pulling motion, of heavy apparatus.

Doing this for a long period of time will dramatically increase your fitness levels! 

Our outdoor Rower is a great alternative that will help you achieve your goals whilst having fun.

Fitness | Sunshine Gym

Our Outdoor Rower has no in-built resistance and instead utilises the participants own body weight as the main “resistance”. Having no loose weights allows this product to be safe for use in highly populated spaces such as parks and green spaces. 

A little more info…

Resistance and weight training increase your muscle flexibility. This helps them to move more freely, therefore meaning that your muscles can endure more of an impact for longer time periods.

At Sunshine Gym we offer a range of equipment that will help you to improve your strength, speed and stamina.

Using outdoor fitness equipment allows you to do this in a safe and healthy way.

By improving these three key elements of fitness, you are improving your chances of losing weight and keeping it off for life.

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