Miles of Fitness for the NHS Anniversary

Miles of Fitness for the NHS 70th Anniversary | #NHS1000Miles

“What better present than making a commitment to do our bit to keeping ourselves active in 2018?” – #NHS1000miles

At the end of 2017, a handful of NHS professionals came to this conclusion when they started to discuss ways to ‘give back’ for the 70th year of the National Health Service. Thus came about the #NHS1000miles challenge.

In addition to free healthcare, the NHS has brought us world-class medical advancements, countless invaluable resources and immense national pride.

At Sunshine Gym, our aim is to bring accessible outdoor fitness solutions to communities across the UK. Therefore celebrating ‘NHS 70’ with the 1000 mile challenge really is right up our street…

How to contribute to #NHS1000miles

You can add to the UK’s collective target by sharing your achievements one of three platforms: on the Facebook group, on Strava, or by Tweeting your miles covered and ‘#NHS1000miles’.

Remember, the idea is to give the gift of a healthier United Kingdom.

Therefore you can be as creative as you like when it comes to racking up those miles. You could walk, run, cycle, swim, row… We also recommend wearing a pedometer. That way, you can convert all your daily steps into miles.

Of course, we particularly think you should be making the most of the opportunity to exercise outdoors!  However, you may find that pavements have too great an impact on your joints. If this is the case, look for low resistance outdoor equipment such as our own Health Walker.

Whichever way you decide to celebrate NHS 70, make it loud and make it healthy.

You could promote mental wellbeing with a Tea Party Fundraiser and make the NHS responsibility pledge. Tell your friends and family, and post about it on social media – do something meaningful which people will notice!

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