Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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Primary school children need plenty of exercise and Sunshine Gym can help ensure that all pupils can benefit from the use of school outdoor gym equipment. Sunshine Gym’s range of children’s outdoor gym equipment allows pupils to have fun whist they engage in physical activity. The gym equipment supplied combines both fun and practicality to ensure that younger children can experience the full benefits of playing outdoors. School outdoor gym equipment can be used during play times, as well as during PE lessons.

Sunshine Gym design and install a wide variety of outdoor gym equipment for schools across the UK. The children’s outdoor fitness equipment is made up of both double and single versions of their traditional adult alternatives. Double variations of equipment allow for multiple pupils to use at one time, thus promoting social interaction. Each piece is similar to the adult range however on a much smaller scale, making it easily accessible for younger children.

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