Public Health England Campaign

Health Walker

Public Health England are running a brand new campaign this spring, which aims to tackle health concerns surrounding weight in the UK. It will focus mainly on the calorie intake of adults and follows in the success of the brand new Change4Life campaign which was released in January.  The Change4Life campaign focused solely on the calorie and snack intake of children, predominantly of school age. Find out more about this campaign by reading about it in our blog. The new guidelines, which will be released this spring, are full of suggestions regarding how many calories adults should be eating daily. It will then break that down into how those calories should be spread between meals.

What is outlined in the campaign?

The campaign suggests that adults should reduce their calorie intake from the recommended 2,000-2,500 calories, down to 1,800 calories for both men and women. These calories should then be spread out throughout the day with 400 consumed at Breakfast, 600 calories consumed at Lunch and a further 600 calories consumed at Dinner time. The remaining 200 calories should then be split between two 100 calorie snacks.  It is important to note that this reduction in calories is merely a suggestion, and the government guidelines will remain. However, it is recommended that the new campaign suggestions are closely followed, in order to ensure a healthier Britain.

Why is this campaign necessary?

This new campaign comes off the back of the obesity statistics in the UK. Obesity is an ongoing problem all over the world, however the UK remains as the sixth most overweight country on the planet. On top of this, our adult males and females have the highest rate of obesity in Western Europe, with 27% of us being categorised as obese.

Public Health England have deduced that these rates are a direct result of over eating. It is recorded that on average an adult consumes an extra 300 calories per day. This over indulgence is suspected to come from many adults eating their breakfast, lunch and dinner, on the go. As a result of this, the campaign aims to target high street chains which sell large portions and high calorie foods to working adults. It is said that popular breakfasts, including granola pots, or a muffin and a latte, contain in excess of 500 calories, with some brands actually being closer to 600. This is an over indulgence of between 100 and 200 calories at the beginning of the day. Without partnering this type of on the go breakfast with a brisk walk or morning run, you are likely to be storing those excess calories as fat, and over time leading to an unhealthy weight gain.

On top of high calorie on the go breakfasts, many of us will opt for a ‘meal deal’ option whilst at work or simply running errands. These quick and easy options, can contain in excess of 700 calories for just a sandwich, snack and drink. And with full fat fizzy drink options, they can have even more than that. Again much like the breakfasts, these types of foods exceed the new, healthier recommendations.

One of the criticisms of the new suggested guidelines is that they do not account for drinks. This therefore means that in order to stick to the guidelines you must only drink low or no calorie drinks. These include black coffee or tea, with no sugar, which contains just 1 calorie, or water which is calorie free. This is not unreasonable. High sugar, and high calorie drinks are one of the major problems in the UK. These drinks contain empty calories. This means that they have little in the way of sustenance but are high in both fat and calories! And not to mention, very bad for your dental hygiene.

Where does Sunshine Gym come in?

In order to tackle the ever growing obesity epidemic it is important that on top of altering your diet you must also engage in regular exercise. Exercise is essential when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and with Sunshine Gym you can engage in regular gentle exercise which will then allow you to progress on to more intensive exercises. By doing small bursts of less intense exercise you can allow your body to get used to a new lifestyle, without the painful impact which running or other more intense exercises can have on your joints.

Cardiovascular machines such as the Double Health Walker, and the Sky Stepper allow for you to complete a full cardiovascular workout without resistance and at your own pace. Both machines mimic the actions of walking or running, yet without the contact with the hard concrete. Thus reducing the risks of joint injuries. The double versions of the machines also allow for workouts to be completed as a pair, thus encouraging people to motivate each other.

Partnering our range of cardiovascular exercises with these new suggested calorie limits, will ensure that you are on your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Resulting in the UK as a whole being on its way to becoming a healthier nation.