Building Strength Using Outdoor Gym Equipment.

Strength Building | Outdoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym

Strength training is often a neglected topic when it comes to health and fitness. However, the benefits which come from resistance training are limitless!

Strength Training is important as it is used to both build and strengthen muscles. On top of muscle strength, it can also be used to strengthen bones too, reducing the risk of illnesses such as osteoporosis.

Building strength can be achieved by using hand-held weights, resistance bands, resistance balls, your own body weight or better still – strength building machines.

The five most common strength building machines which you will find in any indoor gym include the: Lateral Pull Down, Chest Press, Leg Press, Hanging Leg Raise and the Rowing Machine.

…And these five pieces of equipment can now be found outdoors too!

At Sunshine Gym we have a range of strength building equipment which is easily recognisable to any gym goer.

Each of these uniquely designed outdoor machines offer a new way of experiencing strength training, without being confined to an indoor setting.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of our:


Pull Down Challenger:

The ‘Pull Down Challenger’ is the outdoor equivalent to the ‘Lat Pull Down.’ They are similar in many ways except for our outdoor version doesn’t have any loose weights. Instead, it uses the gym goers own body weight as the main form of resistance.

Having no loose weights makes this piece of equipment safer than the alternative for, public spaces, hospitals, and prisons.

The Pull Down Challenger offers an upper body workout, helping to strengthen the bicep muscles and the deltoids; these can be found in the upper arms and shoulders.

Improving strength in these particular muscles will enable the user to improve in sporting activities such as athletics. Making it a great exercise for anyone who is trying to improve their sporting ability.

Furthermore, working out on this particular machine will not only help to improve your overall fitness and upper body strength. But by partnering it with a small amount of cardio you should see some weight loss too!

Lateral Pull Down | Strength Building | Outdoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym
Pull Down Challenger

Power Push:

The ‘Power Push’ is our outdoor alternative to the indoor ‘Chest Press’ machine. This is a staple in any indoor gym and now you can find it outdoors too!

The ‘Power Push’ much like the ‘Pull Down Challenger’ works in a similar way to its indoor alternative, but without the loose weights.

By using the gym goers own body weight as the only form of resistance allows for the user to engage in a workout which is tailored completely towards them. As you build muscle, your muscle mass will increase and you will have to…  lift more to gain more.

The Power Push offers users a workout for their upper body including the triceps and the deltoids. If a user partners this with the Pull Down Challenger they can receive a full upper body strength workout.

At Sunshine Gym we offer the Combi-Pull Down Challenger and Power Push which allows users to perform both of these workouts but for a fraction of the space.

Chest Press | Strength Building | Outdoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym
Power Push

Squat Push:

The ‘Squat Push’ is the Sunshine Gym alternative to the ever-popular indoor Leg Press machine. It gets its name from the squat like motion which is performed.

This motion is performed in a seated position taking some of the weight off.  However, it still allows users to get a decent lower body workout.

Much like the above-mentioned machines, our Squat Push doesn’t use any loose weights, and much like the ‘squat’ requires the user to simply lift their own body weight.

This means that workouts can be done at the users own pace.

The lower resistance which comes with machines like this ensures that the machine can be used by anyone of any ability. Making it a great all round strength training machine.

The Squat Push works out the muscles in the legs. This includes the hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

By having this in a gym with the above machines you can create the perfect full body strength workout.

Leg Press | Strength Building | Outdoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym
Squat Push

Parallel Rails:

The Parallel Rails are the perfect strength building equipment. This is due to the fact that they can offer you multiple different workout opportunities, on one simple set of bars.

From leg raises to push-ups, this multi-functional piece of outdoor gym equipment allows users to gain a full upper body workout simply by utilising the user’s full body weight.

The workouts performed on these bars will help to strengthen your abdominal muscles (or core) quadriceps as well as all muscles in the user’s upper body.

As well as strengthening and building muscles these workouts will also help the user to improve muscle flexibility and balance. This will, therefore, go a long way to helping to improve overall health and fitness.

The parallel rails offer an alternative to the Leg Raise equipment, which can be found in both indoor and outdoor gyms.

Leg Raise and Push Ups | Strength Building | Outdoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym

Outdoor Rower:

The outdoor Rower is the Sunshine Gym alternative to the indoor rowing machine. The rowing machine does exactly what it says on the tin.

…It simulates rowing.  

This means that the Rower provides the user with a rigorous upper body strength workout, as well as focusing on cardio too.

Having a machine that offers both a cardio and strength workout is perfect for anyone who is trying to improve their overall fitness, as well as building muscle.

By combing both strength and cardio, you can help to:

Improve lung capacity, heart rate and health as well as bone & muscle strength too!

Much like the rest of our strength building products the Rower utilises the user’s body weight as resistance, meaning that YOU set your own pace.  Simply speed up or slow down dependant on your ability for either a, light slow exercise, or a fast and intense calorie burn.

Rowing Machine | Strength Building | Outdoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym

All of our strength building machines target a select set of muscles which will help you to primarily improve your muscle strength, but as a secondary improve bone strength, muscle flexibility, balance and coordination.

This will allow users to not only build strength but also go towards helping to improve their overall fitness.

This will help them to perform better when engaging in any exercise, thus enabling a full, and effective all round workout.

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