Balance Awareness Week 2018

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Balance Awareness Week 2018 runs from the 16th to the 22nd of September.

This event was set up by the Vestibular Disorders Association in order to raise awareness for those living with debilitating disorders such as vertigo which primarily affect a person’s balance. This is something which is hugely important within all of our lives, so we’re investigating the role of vestibular exercises in rehabilitation.

The vestibular system consists of the inner ear and parts of the brain which control balance and eye movements. Any damage caused to these areas can cause vestibular disorders. This is common for athletes, trainers, and elderly people etc. – anyone who is prone to physical damage.

These types of disorders are extremely serious; without proper treatment or exercise, patients with vestibular disorders will find it difficult to engage in daily activities. For example, bathing and dressing can become particularly difficult. However if appropriately managed, it’s usually still possible to live a healthy life. It usually takes a mixture of medication, dietary alterations and physical therapy.

Vestibular Exercises

Physical therapy is an essential part of the treatment plan for a patient with a vestibular disorder; in fact, it’s just as important as medication. It involves various vestibular exercises which focus on fine and major motor skills.

Physical therapists even develop personalised home exercise plans for their patients’ rehabilitation. One of the aims is to increase energy levels and reduce pressure or stress caused by the condition.

Here at Sunshine Gym, we have outdoor fitness equipment available for adults of all abilities. These units can help to give you the support necessary to exercise appropriately and safely. This is especially useful for rehabilitation and treatment of vestibular disorders in addition to various other conditions.

Not only will exercise help with the symptoms, but it will also help to keep your mind balanced; high activity levels and improved motivation will help to fight depression, a common side effect of living with one of these disorders.

Not only do we supply equipment suitable for adults’ treatment, but at Sunshine Gym we also offer solutions for paediatric disorders. For example, the use of children’s Balance Beams can help to reduce the likelihood of developing a balance related ailment.

How can you support the campaign?

Vestibular disorders need to be addressed efficiently and practically and that’s why awareness is so important. Many people who have one of these disorders remain unaware that anything can be done about it. Join us in promoting Balance Awareness Week by taking a look at the below infographic created by the Vestibular Disorders Association.

We also urge you to donate or participate in any way you can. The association works to support those affected by balance disorders, making this planet healthier and happier. This is something right at the heart of the Sunshine Gym ethos.

Outdoor gym equipment can help to make exercise a fun, family activity, instead of a chore seen only as a medical treatment. That’s why we provide affordable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing equipment for children and adults alike.

VDA infographic
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