Walking to Work – Overcoming Barriers with Sunshine Gym

Walk to Work Day Walking with Sunshine Gym

At Sunshine Gym we are big fans of anything which gets people moving. Sustainable travel is a big part of this as cycling, walking or even the short stroll to a bus stop or train station is generally better for your body and wellbeing than driving yourself or getting a taxi.

Walk to Work Day was first set up in San Francisco – this year they celebrate on 5th April. At Sunshine Gym we’re looking forward to Friday 6th April when the UK follows suit. We want to show our support for this great activity and persuade anyone who can to join in. Walk to Work Day was established in order to encourage more people to be mindful of both their health and their carbon footprint. Over 36% of the general public admitted that they travel to work via car, and this is unsurprising in today’s society. However, this is leaving a lasting impact on the environment.

What are the reasons for not walking to work?

Only 6% of the UK population actually walk to work daily, and an even smaller amount of just 3% cycle. But why are these statistics so low? Discounting those who cannot make the walk to work for health reasons, there are some obstacles with solutions you may not have considered.

  • Distance

Many people have an ‘extreme’ commute, meaning that they travel for over two hours per day in order to get to work. However, if you employ a combination commute, you can still enjoy the benefits of walking. By using public transport you can walk to or from the train station or bus stop, rather than getting taxis or driving.

If you do not have an extreme commute but you do feel like the walk to work is just that bit too far, consider building up to the full distance. For those who struggle with stamina, it may be easier at first to do multiple shorter periods of exercise throughout the day. Two shorter activities can be much easier to do, and just as beneficial as one long workout or walk.

Try parking further and further away from work and walking from there. Then, if you have a break or time outside of your working hours, try doing one or two other bursts of exercise that day. We recommend another walk, or some gentle activity on local Sunshine Gym equipment if you don’t want to venture too far away. Once you are more comfortable with this routine, you will soon find yourself able to make the full walk.

  • Fumes

A valid reason for not walking to work is the thought of being out and about amongst all the pollution. Road transport contributes to 22% of the UK’s total CO2 emissions, something which is highly concerning to us at Sunshine Gym.

Be it walking or using our equipment, outdoor exercise is exceptionally beneficial to mental wellbeing, so it would be a huge shame to have to sacrifice this wonderful activity in order to avoid pollution. We suggest installing our exercise units away from main roads in order to reap the benefits without inhaling rush-hour fumes.

The more people who swap the car for walking, the healthier an option it becomes. This means that if you want to give it a go, Walk to Work day is an excellent opportunity. In the long run, we would suggest finding routes which avoid polluted main roads. This can be difficult if you work in a big city centre so, again, a walk to the tram or the tube may be your best option.

Walk to Work Day 2018

Walking to Work has many benefits both for your physical health and the environment. Though there are reasons for choosing not to walk, it’s often possible to alter your routine to fit into a more energetic lifestyle.

By supporting this event you will encourage sustainable travel and reduce the amount of CO2 emitting vehicles using our roads. Helping to keep our planet cleaner and greener will be positive in the short term and in future generations.