What’s in Your Outdoor Gym?

What's In Your Outdoor Gym | Title Image | Sunshine Gym

Outdoor gyms are becoming more and more popular amongst gym goers all over the world.

People are drawn to the prospect of a free lifelong gym membership, as well as the added benefits of exercising in the fresh air…

Though the equipment in an outdoor gym may look a little different from the common indoor alternatives; it is very similar in many other ways.

Similarly to many indoor gym facilities, an outdoor gym offers a range of both cardio and strength workout opportunities. This allows the users of any outdoor gym to engage in a complete full body workout.

The great thing about the cardio machines in an outdoor gym is that you set your own pace!

You can go as quick or as slow as you like, no need to press any buttons, just speed up or slow down to suit your ability.

Just note …. The faster you go, the more calories you burn!

So for a more intense workout increase your speed. For a less intense workout decrease your speed… it’s as simple as that!

The strength equipment works a little differently. In most gyms, you would set your resistance level by adding or taking away different sized weights.

At Sunshine Gym, the amount of resistance relies solely on your body weight.

Our alternatives to indoor strength machines, such as the Leg Press (Squat Push) or the Chest Press (Power Push) simply requires the user to sit there and be their own resistance.

Though the resistance is not variable, much like the cardio machines, you can still set your own pace.

Experts recommend that to get the most out of any strength workout, you should use slower movements for a longer period of time.

Whether you want a fast paced full body cardio workout to help you shed a few pounds, or a lengthy strength workout to build muscle, you can find the machine for you in an outdoor gym.

Take a look at the infographic below ↓ for more information on the machines which we have Sunshine Gym, as well as which common indoor equipment that they are related to.


Gym Machine Infographic | Sunshine Gym

These are just a few examples selected from our vast range of outdoor gym equipment.

For more information about our full product range contact one of our advisers today.