Why You Should Try Working Out With Friends

Why You should try working out with friends

Working out with friends will benefit every aspect of your exercise regime.

Inspired by the International Day of Friendship, we’re taking a look at the ways a sociable workout supports:

1. Getting started

2. Efficient exercise

3. All-round health

Exercise iconsWorking out with friends will help you start AND keep you going.

Instead of spending money on a personal trainer, arrange to exercise with a friend.

We’ve all heard the argument that working out with friends ensures you actually turn up in the first place. However, it also means you’re more likely to try different kinds of exercise. This will make your exercise routine all the more interesting, meaning you’ll stay engaged and won’t get bored!

For early risers and evening exercisers, exercising in public can be daunting regardless of your size or gender. This is another reason why ‘buddying up’ for exercise is a good idea; it’s a particularly sensible step towards safety.

Working Out with Friends | Sunshine Gym

You’ll get more out of your time by exercising with a friend.

Once you start working out with a friend, you should notice the efficiency of your exercise improves.Improving your time | Sunshine Gym

On the one hand, this is due to the competition that arises when you work with a peer! You’ll probably find you push yourself further than you would otherwise; either you don’t want to ‘lose face’ in front of your friend, or you simply find mutual encouragement works well.

It’s not just the amount of effort which improves efficiency, it’s also the quality of the exercise. That’s thanks to the learning opportunities that come with working out with friends.

You are far more likely to improve your technique when you exercise alongside someone else; not only will you learn from one another’s mistakes, you’ll also be able to see someone mirroring your movement. This focuses the mind and encourages you to concentrate on your own accuracy.

Furthermore, deciding to exercise with a friend means you’re more likely to plan your workout in advance. This will make it more fruitful as you work together to build in appropriate warm-ups, cool-downs, and variety.

Exercising with a friend will keep you healthy in multiple respects.

A big aspect of working out with friends is having someone keeping an eye on you.

As you take on an exercise regime, it can be a big lifestyle change. That’s why it’s important to take sensible steps towards fitness, pushing yourself but without doing harm.

Sometimes we need a little guidance so as to avoid the ‘crash diet’ route, ending up under-fuelled. A friend will make sure your nutrition and hydration are in check.

If you and your friends are going to commit to working out together, check out our nutrition and hydration guide.

Secondly, most people are aware that exercise will give your mood a boost. However, have you considered that combining this with the positives of socialising will be even more beneficial? Do yourself a favour and give your mental health a helping hand!

Finally, the thing it’s all about; working out with friends will boost feelings of camaraderie, affection, and wellbeing.

Improve friendship through exercise, and improve exercise through friends…

…you’ll be well on your way to all-round health.


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